Google Adsense Fails To Pay Publisher’s September Earnings #SEO #Adsense

Google Adsense Fails To Pay Publisher’s September Earnings #SEO #Adsense

Being an online publisher is hard to begin with. Being at the mercy of search traffic, fluctuations in Ad prices, and constantly searching to find new topics to write about can be challenging. Convincing a landlord that your income is stable, because your rent comes from a huge dependable company like Google can help with that. But what happens when Google fails to pay?

Google has been attempting to roll out a new “prettier” dashboard for AdSense, and it doesn’t appear that the transition has been going smoothly. Over the last 2 months Google has had pretty significant issues related to payment processing in AdSense. First they flagged a few thousand accounts as “ON HOLD” when they weren’t and then they failed to pay out earnings for September.

While display issues are annoying, failing to pay online publishers who earn revenue from the ads that appear on their pages, or along side their content on YouTube is putting quite a damper on publishers around the web. Many of the publishers live pretty close to pay check to pay check, and their earnings are not “pure profit”, hosting bills, ads they purchase, production costs all have to be paid out of those earnings, so when they are late they risk not only being late on rent, but on hosting.

Several of the publishers who haven’t been paid pointed out that their landlords can often be forgiving when what they view as an “employer” doesn’t make pay roll and a check is late, but hosting providers are rarely so forgiving. While you can live in a card board box, if your servers go dark you won’t get next months rent either.

AdSense publishers aren’t employees though. They aren’t even contractors. The payments are for placement in the website’s inventory. So there won’t be a union uprising. No picket lines, and as of writing this I couldn’t even find press coverage. The Geographically diverse group of unpaid publishers range from Albany to Zurich and most have never met each other.

If I had not been contacted by two clients who buy services from me, I don’t think I would have noticed that my check was late. While I am still earning money from AdSense, the last time AdSense had issues I decided I would diversify my revenue sources. Microsoft PubCenter now is my primary ad provider, and while they don’t always match the earning potential of Google, they provide a phone number I can call and talk to a real human. Microsoft also sends a confirmation with every email you send them and typically follow up with in the hour.

Google’s AdSense on the other hand only offers support through their support forum, and after 96 hours the only response to email requests for support or status update was an automated response thanking me for making support aware of the issue. Guide – What Does It Mean for SEO? Guide – What Does It Mean for SEO? – The Koozai team answer a question from Richard Shove (OMD UK) on and provide an overview of the new tagging method. Learn about the origins of, how it connects to Google, Yahoo and Bing and some issues to be aware of when using the new coding method. Find out how Koozai can help your SEO needs

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Screaming Frog SEO: Tools of the trade recommendation at SES New York

Screaming Frog SEO: Tools of the trade recommendation at SES New York

Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Thom Craver, Rochester Institute of Technology, at SES New York 2012, who moderated the panel: Tools of the Trade: SEO. Thom begins by outlining the highlights of this particular panel, including technical SEO and how to optimize your webpage and what kinds of links to go after to SEO Tools, including Google WebMaster tools, along with Bing SEO tools as presented by Duane Forrester.

Thom makes an excellent point for many who ask, if I use Google WebMaster tools why do I need to use Bing WebMaster tools? Thom says Google WebMaster tools measures only what Google bot measures when it visits your site while Bing’s WebMaster tools uses its own SEO algorithms to evaluate the SEO of your website. If you’re only using one, you’re missing half of the story. Bing continues to grow and expand, according to Thom.

02:27 — Thom concludes with his own tips and strategies for SMBs on how to conduct their own SEO strategy.

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a small desktop program you can install on your PC or Mac which spiders websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective. It fetches key onsite page elements for SEO, presents them in tabs by type and allows you to filter for common SEO issues, or slice and dice the data how you see fit by exporting into Excel. You can view, analyze and filter the crawl data as it’s gathered and updated continuously in the program’s user interface.

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Google SEO Optimization How To Guide

Google SEO Optimization How To Guide

Google SEO Optimization How To Guide and Northern Virginia SEO Services see the following pages:

Affordable search engine optimization company announces Google SEO optimization penalty recovery John Pierce 30 minute removal product reviews, services and guides with how to tips and tools for affordable search engine marketing and increasing sales.

30 Minute SEO Penalty Recovery Product Review:

Affordable SEO optimization services professional David Judge, creator of the 30 Minute SEO Penalty Recovery and removal product, has over 9 years of Google search engine optimization marketing experience. The product delivers easy and fast to implement SEO optimization and penalty recover tips and tools that can be used to fix SEO issues and make sure the problems do not re-occur in the future.

We bought this product and high recommend it. Internet marketer, web site developer can use the products on their own sites and offer SEO penguin, panda penalty recovery services to clients.

The product shows how to get in-depth Google ranking analysis and use free plugins to fix the issues fast. Just run screen shots of a before and after analysis on a site and use that as a SEO penguin, panda penalty recovery services sales presentation to get paying clients.

Northern Virginia affordable SEO Services for increasing SEO rankings, traffic and sales as well as 30 Minute SEO ranking optimization and Google SEO penalty recovery product rReview is on Youtube at:

Shopify SEO and UX expert session #1

Shopify SEO and UX expert session #1

Review of most typical SEO and CRO issues of e-commerce sites on Shopify platform, based on cases of real sites, submitted for review here at our thread on Shopify forum

VI SEO-Конференция (seo)

VI SEO-Конференция (seo)

Программа конференции:

День первыйю.
Михаил Сливинский, Wikimart
Наблюдения в поисковой выдаче

Игорь Бакалов, Ашманов и партнеры
Методология исследования выдачи Яндекса

Сергей Людкевич, Независимый эксперт
Тема уточняется

Дмитрий Азаренков, Group
Тема уточняется

Юрий Софин, Wizard.Sape
6 месяцев с “Минусинском” и как изменилось
SEO в регионах.

Андрей Воропаев, Трилан
Работа с сайтами под фильтром за ПФ (накрутка ПФ) – с кейсом клиентского сайта
Станислав Поломарь, webit
Аналитика поведенческих факторов в Яндекс и Гугл
Роман Морозов, Userator
Продвигаем сайт с помощью поведенческих в Google
Николай Хиврин, ALTWeb Group
Способы естественного улучшения ПФ

Чекушин Алексей, Kokoc Group
Инновации в текстовой оптимизации
Александр Шестаков, Sape
Артур Латыпов, SEO Intellect
Влияние текстовых факторов ранжирования

День второй.
Виктор Карпенко, SeoProfy
Выходим на западные рынки – чек-лист, нюансы,
Дмитрий Шахов, ГК РЕМАРКА
Мифология в SEO или почему “новые” методики работают в основном в голове у их авторов
Дарина Щур, Edu profit
Нестандартные методы получения ссылок в эссейной нише: кейсы прошлого и настоящего

Gareth Hoyle, Kerboo, UK
Google Penalty Recovery: What to do when it
goes wrong and how to avoid future issues
Дмитрий Орлов, Ingate
SEO в формате Performance: быстрое привлечение клиентов из поиска
Олег Шестаков, Rush Agency
Нюансы анализа спроса и построения структуры сайтов для различных типов сайтов

Всеволод Глущенко, Спутник
Машинное обучение как инструмент ранжирования, который трудно обмануть оптимизацией и спамом
Алексей Терехов (Admitad)
Конверсия вложений в SEO в CPA


Attorney Internet Marketing SEO

Attorney Internet Marketing SEO

Attorney Marketing and Law Firm Marketing requires you on your clients needs and issues for your SEO to work as planned

It doesn’t matter if your law firm is trying to get your site ranked at the top of Google for your target keyword + target city (i.e.) Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney or if you’re a Plumber trying to accomplish the same thing (i.e.) get your site ranked at the top of Google for Los Angeles Plumber, the same 6-step formula should be applied in both cases.

Here’s the 6-steps you or your SEO consultant need to do.

1) Conduct Your Keyword Research
2) Conduct Competitive SEO Analysis
3) Write a 1,000 Word Article (Home Page)
4) Repair W3C Markup Errors (Red Alerts)
5) Launch One-Way Link Building Program
6) Track One-Way Link Progress (Rinse & Repeat)

Social Media Marketing Plus
1827 Greenfield Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025
424-248-5122 | 310-294-9840

Site Auditor – Online SEO Tools

Site Auditor – Online SEO Tools

Screencast video showing you how to scan your website for broken links and SEO issues using the Site Auditor SEO tool. –

Singapore SEO services: Video 3 – SEO Work Process

Singapore SEO services: Video 3 – SEO Work Process

SEO Work Process

Step by step process of analyzing a website for SEO issues, keyword research, competitor research, content analysis, implementing SEO to your website (on-page SEO), content creation and link building (off-page SEO).

This video was recorded at the SEO workshop conducted at Aventis School of Management, as part of their Executive MBA course.

Internet Success Hub is performance-based boutique internet marketing consultancy. We have a unique way of offering SEO services to clients that guarantees 1st page Google results.

Get 100% of your keywords on the 1st page of Google, or else its free!

In simple terms, SEO is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for relevant words and phrases

JupiterResearch has found that the average company gets about 80 % of its commercial search engine referrals from organic results and the rest from PPC ads.

The study also showed that 90% percent of searchers only visit sites in the first 10 results.

If we equate 1 visitor to the website with , that means 90% of the money is going to other websites if you are NOT on the 1st page of Google.

Our SEO Deliverables include Month-on-month increase:

-Organic traffic from the Search Engines.
-Keyword rankings in Google
-Number of back links to the site
-Number of indexed pages of the site

Contact us today: (65) 65 272 655.

Internet Success Hub Pte. Ltd.
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Canonicalization issue with Websites – SEO

Canonicalization issue with Websites – SEO

AjiNIMC’s webcam video January 10, 2010, 11:38 PM

Ariana Grande – Problem (Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA)

Ariana Grande – Problem (Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA)

Ariana Grande performs “Problem” live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA.

Ariana’s new album “My Everything” available now:

Follow Ariana:
Official Site:

American Honda is creating a new platform to discover and share music. From the Honda Civic Tour, to Music Festivals, to forging new partnerships with Live Nation, Clear Channel (iHeartRadio), REVOLT, YouTube and Vevo, Honda Stage will bring live events, behind the scenes videos, interviews, exclusive content and more from your favorite artists.

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SEO Tip #3 – Use the Sitemap to Spot Problems

SEO Tip #3 – Use the Sitemap to Spot Problems

SEO 2013 & Beyond on Amazon:

The sitemap can show all manner of problems with a site. The typical one I find is several articles all apparently about the same topic. Typically, in the evolution of the site, the webmaster found keywords with high demand and low competition and wrote articles with the sole motive being to rank the article for that keyword. The problem arises when two or more keywords are so similar, it’s impossible to write unique, valuable content just around that keyword.

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Use a Spider Simulator – SEO Tip from Kutenda

Use a Spider Simulator – SEO Tip from Kutenda

Find out what Google sees when it indexes your website by using a spider simulator. It’s a great way to find potential SEO issues with your website. Learn more about Internet marketing from Kutenda at

sh404SEF – maximizing Joomla SEO with just a few clicks

sh404SEF – maximizing Joomla SEO with just a few clicks

sh404SEF is the market-leading SEO add-on for the Joomla content management system. sh404SEF takes a holistic approach to SEO and addresses both traditional and modern SEO techniques including duplicate content issues, canonical URLs, Google Analytics, Open Graph/Social Sharing, security/anti-spam, site speed/performance and much more. Learn more about sh404SEF at

Thinking through Keyword Builds for SEO

Thinking through Keyword Builds for SEO

Walking dog through Inwood in the early morning thinking through some of the first SEO issues I faced in week one at the new job.

Gift Wrapping Tips with Danny Seo – Wine Bottle

Gift Wrapping Tips with Danny Seo – Wine Bottle

Save your old issues of Parade magazine! Crafting expert Danny Seo, author of Upcycling Celebrations and master of taking ordinary things you might find around the house and transforming them into something of value, demonstrates how to artfully wrap gifts and bottles of wine using copies of Parade (after you’ve read them, of course!) in this video.

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The Best WordPress SEO Audit Tool

The Best WordPress SEO Audit Tool

To learn more visit:

Our WordPress SEO audit tool helps you find any on-page SEO issues with your blog. For example, broken links, missing H2 tags, too low of a keyword density and so on. Our tool “reads” your post and pages and then provides a score out of 100% as well as actionable steps to help you fix your page to score higher.

To sign up for this tool go to:

How To Do An SEO Audit In 15 Minutes Or Less [AMT-02]

How To Do An SEO Audit In 15 Minutes Or Less [AMT-02]

In this video David McSweeney will run you through a process that should help you to quickly identify major SEO issues that may be holding your website back. All you need is, for sure Ahrefs (along with some other helpful tools), and 15 minutes or less of your precious time! –

Ok… on to the full process!

0:30 Start a crawl of your site using Beam Us Up tool (, Screaming Frog’s SEO Site Auditor ( or just access Ahrefs’ own crawl data (Crawl Report) from your Ahrefs dashboard (

1:00 Go to a site you are auditing. Open up the home page in a browser and view the source to check the fundamental on-page factors: the title tag, meta description, the header H1 tags, subheaders (H2, H3 etc.). Also, perform the same kind of check for site’s internal pages.

3:40 Next, nip over to Google:

– check if the content on your site is unique;
– do a search for the site’s brand;
– take a quick look at where a site currently ranks for the main targeted phrase from its homepage;
– perform a search using the site: operator to find out how many pages Google currently has indexed for the domain.

5:18 Jump over Google Search Console ( to see if there are any issues with crawling the site and then take a look at the HTML Improvements report.

6:20 Run a few reports in Google Analytics, starting by looking at the site’s current search traffic.

8:37 Go to Ahrefs Site Explorer ( to conduct a quick, manual audit on the site’s link profile and identify any obvious issues:

– check the Overview page for the domain to have a quick look at the site’s overall health and link profile;
– anchor text distribution in ‘Anchors Cloud’;
– take a look at the ‘Broken Backlinks’ report under ‘Inbound Links’, which can often be the source of some quick wins;
– finally, have a quick run through the site’s referring domains, to see if anything sticks out as suspicious, or low quality.

11:00 Jump in to tool called ‘Panguin’ ( to quickly identify drops in traffic that align with Google’s algorithmic updates.

12:00 Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool ( for identifying major issues which may be affecting site’s speed.

12:55 The final step in your audit process will be to test any structured data that the site may contain and ensure it is properly formed using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool (

And that is pretty much it: your 15 minute SEO audit is complete!

13:50 You might return to the crawl started initially with Beam Us Up tool and check its report with all the information you can use to clean up your site and get ranking better!


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WordPress SEO – On-Page SEO for your WordPress Site by Dr. Andy Williams Ebook

WordPress SEO – On-Page SEO for your WordPress Site   by Dr. Andy Williams Ebook

Read WordPress SEO – On-Page SEO for your WordPress Site by Dr. Andy Williams Ebook PDF
Author: Dr. Andy Williams
Published: 2015-09-07
Wordpress SEO
On-Site SEO for WordPress

By the author of the best selling “WordPress for Beginners” ASIN: B009ZVO3H6 and “SEO 2013 ASIN: B0099RKXE8

Most websites including blogs share certain features that can be controlled and used to help or hinder, especially with Google Panda & Penguin on the loose with the on-site SEO. These features include things like the page title, headlines, body text, ALT tags and so on. In this respect, most sites can be treated in a similar manner when we consider on-site SEO.

However, different platforms have their own quirks, and WordPress is no exception. Out-of-the-box WordPress doesn’t do itself any SEO favours, and can in fact cause you ranking problems, especially with the potentially huge amount of duplicate content it creates. Other problems include static, site-wide sidebars and footers, automatically generated meta tags, page load speeds, SEO issues with WordPress themes, poorly constructed navigation, badly designed homepages, potential spam from visitors, etc. The list goes on.

This book shows you how to set up an SEO-friendly WordPress website, highlighting the problems, and working through them with step-by-step instructions on how to fix them.

By the end of this book, your WordPress site should be well optimized, without being ‘over-optimized’ which is itself a contributing factor in Google penalties.

Who am I?

This book was written by Dr. Andy Williams, a veteran WordPress user with nearly a decade of experience and even longer experience working as an SEO. If you want to learn more about Andy and why he is qualified to talk about WordPress SEO, visit his website at Read some of the stuff he’s written, and read some of the stuff his readers have written about him….

Canonical 301 Redirects Recommendation during Live SEO Audit

Canonical 301 Redirects Recommendation during Live SEO Audit

Duplicate content issues found and explained during this live SEO audit ( of a truck dealer at ATD by Direct Online Marketing’s Justin Seibert. 301 canonical redirects from the non-www version to the www-version were suggested.