All in one on page seo

All in one on page seo

For more Visits – , Site Index and HTML Code Considerations are the most common forms of SEO work being done today. When most “SEO Experts” talk about their service offering, it’s often implied they are referring to a very small set of techniques that involve merely tweaking the site to improve keywords, On-page Search Engine Optimization is the technique of attaining higher rankings and more traffic from search engines via alterations of HTML code and content.
In this particular process, Sweet Spot Marketing endeavors to remove site penalties and clean up indexing issues that are hampering your sites performance.
It’s important to remember these are fundamental to a solid SEO foundation, but off-page SEO work is always highly recommended once this is phase is completed, Site Indexing and HTML Code Considerations are the most common forms of SEO work being done today.
When most “SEO Experts” talk about their service offering, it’s often implied they are referring to a set of techniques that involve tweaking the sites
Title Tags
Meta Tags
Alt Tags
XML Sitemap
Robots.txt instructions
Canonicalizing the URL
Creating a custom 404 page
Fixing broken link issues
Redirecting old or dead URLs/pages
Although any SEO Expert should be well-versed in these on-page elements and techniques, it’s advisable that anyone seeking SEO assistance to shop for a full complement of SEO services.
A good SEO program goes much further than these considerations.
Starting with site architecture is and content are also important on-page factors to consider. Sweet Spot Marketing can help you with
Keyword Research
Content Development
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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 90

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 90

For more SEO training, visit:

0:00 Announcements

3:00 I’m using a free theme so not much customization there but I’m not too bothered about this but for my blog I have it on a category page, so I can have blog/post-name, my question is, will this cause duplicate content issues, as it is displaying full text on the category page? Do I need to find a way to no index the blog category page?

9:00 So, did I miss something? Medium won’t syndicate my blog posts and says “The RSS feed is showing a 5xx server error.”

10:00 Is anyone using scrapebox? Would love to learn how to use it to scrape yellow pages. I know there is a plugin but my country is not supported.

12:00 Starting to use silos more because of the obvious benefits. I have a new client that has a small site that is already established but is fairly small (just 43 pages). It’s a telecommunications site that has a ‘Services’ page that then lists out dozens of services. They do have Subcats already created for just 4 of the services.

So the existing structure goes like this:

– Services
— Service #1
— Service #2
— Service #3
— Service #4

I’d like to create a silo structure using the Services as a top-level. My question is should I make the ‘Services’ page the top level and then create subcategories for the services? Or, should I create a separate silo structure with the services, i.e. keywords I’m targeting and then link back to the Services page already created? It gets a little messy for already established sites as to where you should start the silo structure.

20:00 I enjoyed the ORM video that Hernan created in ifttt training, can you guys recommend any other training resources for ORM or your favorite tools along with ifttt for someone like me who wants to master the reputation business? Thanks as always and glad to be here!

21:00 Will having a Youtube RED upgrade, help give my account a boost and rank a video faster?

22:00 After 41 years in biz I am looking to retire at the end of the year. My 11 year old domain has some good metrics I believe. How can I best prepare to sell something like this?

Good resource (more from buyer angle):

25:00 Was curious about placing schema on a locations page? If have a locations page on the main domain with links to multiple sub-domain locations – how would you add structured data to the locations page on the main domain for each location?…to semantically show that the main company (root domain) has multiple locations (each sub-domain)

Microdata for multiple locations:

28:00 Second question if time:

When building out location pages on sub-domains, I have a category on the main domain for each location. For the category page on the root domain – would you 301 redirect the category page to the sub-domain location that corresponds to —- similar to how would redirect the category page to the location page if was on the root domain?

30:00 How many rankfeedr feeds should we create per PAGE we are trying to rank, locally in medium comp niches?

Also if I purchase a Youtube Account that is 5+ years old then create a brand new channel does the brand new channel hold the same authority as the aged account, or do each channels start from zero and accrue their own aged authority over time from the date they were created?

33:00 A site of mine got a Google penalty last year that still exists. 6 months ago I added 15 new pages with good original content to the site with no positive effect in removing the thin content penalty.

38:00 What is the best way to download a video from youtube?

43:00 My question is the site in question already has 4 silo pages created with the Services Page as children. Would you recommend 301-ing the /services/silo#1 to the /silo#1 or leave it?

45:00 using your example of
domain com/remodeling/kw1
domain com/remodeling/kw2

if you have the keyword of remodeling in the root domain, then I am sure it would not be good to have remodeling again in the silo like domain com/remodeling/ so would it make sense to use services in that case?

47:00 do you suggest deleting info google has on your profile? Do you stay away from using google for searches etc to avoid any footprints on your online persona? I notice you all mention firefox often….


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The SEO Plugin for WordPress – Squirrly SEO webinar

The SEO Plugin for WordPress – Squirrly SEO webinar

Learn how to take advantage of Squirrly’s powerful SEO plugin for WordPress. In this live stream, I’m talking about the multiple layers of search engine optimization you need to cover. You’ll learn how to work with the plugin’s features. The Search Engine Watch has recently called Squirrly one of the TOP 3 SEO plugins for WordPress.

We know sometimes it’s hard to find the best resources on how to do proper search engine optimizations.

Here are the highlights of this stream, so you can skip ahead to the information you need:

3:40 – The SEO Content Tree (about the six layers of search engine optimization)

WordPress site structure
Researching the best SEO keywords and social media keywords
Scaling content with proper SEO and human-friendly optimization
Making sure the content tree grows well
Grabbing the rewards
The tree needs constant watering
8:17 – How to install Squirrly’s SEO plugin for WordPress

A step-by-step guide on how to add this powerful tool on your WordPress website
A how-to guide on setting up the plugin
Describing the plugin’s features
How it works
10:44 – How to use Squirrly Keyword Research

Detailed information on how this tool works and how you can use it
How to interpret the results
How to use this to create evergreen content
22:25 – How to use Squirrly’s SEO plugin for WordPress to create content

A guide on how to write search engine optimized content using the Squirrly plugin
How to find copyright free images for your content
Research what people have recently written about your keyword on Twitter
Get inspiration from news and blog posts about your keyword
26:23 – How to use Squirrly’s SEO Live Assistant

How to use the Live Assistant
37:10 – Check for errors and SEO issues on your site

How to use Squirrly’s SEO plugin for WordPress to check for problems
How to make your shares on social media look stunning
39:40 – How to improve the way your blog post appears on Google

How to use Squirrly Snippet
What are the advantages you get by using this
49:56 – Further optimizing your website with Squirrly SEO plugin for WordPress

55:10 – How to interpret an SEO audit

1:03:35 – How to grab the rewards

How to use personal branding
What a canonical link is and how to use it
1:08:24 – Additional resources

1:10:00 – Squirrly education cloud

Thank you very much for watching. Learn more about Squirrly’s SEO plugin for WordPress here:

Seoclerks – The largest SEO Marketplace on the planet

Seoclerks – The largest SEO Marketplace on the planet

Just register on site using below link for getting free:

and then message me on seoclerks using this link :
after joined you get your within few hours, you can use that coupon code for buying any services absolutely free and I will also guide you if you want to earn or you want to buy more in future :)

What is SEO Clerks?

This is an online marketplace offering search engine optimization services and other small jobs for a fee. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can request the service you need.

The platform connects freelancers who are offering a service to customers who are in search of affordable SEO or other services associated with a website.

How to create an account?

Just click on this link
And fill out details

Who is it for?

SEO Clerks is also for anyone who wants to propose a service (gig) to earn money. There is no limit on the price a seller can charge and there is a very wide range of micro jobs you can propose.

This could also be for you if you want to improve certain SEO aspects of your site or if you want to outsource some of your tasks. Here are a just few of the services that are available.

Social Media Marketing
Article writing
Voice overs
Place or design banner ads
Create backlinks
Resolve WordPress issues
Create a WordPress site
Graphic design

As you can see, you can obtain almost any service related to a website

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Small Business SEO Tips – 10 Things Your Business Website Should Be Doing

Small Business SEO Tips – 10 Things Your Business Website Should Be Doing

Small Business SEO Tips – 10 Things Your Business Website Should Be Doing To Dominate In Google

Small Business SEO


Free Google Mobile Test:

Free Google PageSpeed Test:

Competitive Analysis Tool:

Website Links Tool:


You need a website that:

1. Is mobile friendly
2. Loads quickly
3. Is listed in business directories
4. Is listed on the top social media sites
5. Outperforms your competitors
6. Is optimized correctly
7. Uses embedded video
8. Has clear contact information
9. Uses testimonials
10. Has links from other websites


If you noticed your website isn’t setup as effectively as it could be based on the previous slides, don’t worry. We are able to help you fix any of these issues – or you can tackle them alone. Getting clients on Page 1 of Google using the information here has been proven time and time again.


– We are focused on results.
– We have over 9 years of SEO experience.
– We have a lot of happy client testimonials.
– We stay updated on Google algorithm changes.
– We invest in our own online marketing training to ensure we understand upcoming changes.
– We know how to rank!


Phone: 630-524-2815

Hopefully these small business SEO tips were helpful for you. This information is relevant for ALL small businesses, regardless of your industry. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Website Speed and SEO

Website Speed and SEO

Having a fast website is essential to your conversions and performing well in the search engines. Google has openly stated that website speeds effect your rankings. Their belief if that websites that load fast give a better user experience. They believe in it so much they ever released their own tool to diagnose speed issues. In this video, we’re going to cover some great tools you can use to speed up your website.

How To Get Good Links – SEO – SEM Beginner’s Guide

How To Get Good Links – SEO – SEM Beginner’s Guide

Help us caption and translate this video on

How do you get good links? Do you email every other similar web-site and ask them to link you back? Robin Good’s answer to this issue is to write great, valuable content and to focus also on issues and items that have not been covered yet or have not been given enough attention to. For more info:

How will we decide the % of Keyword in content for SEO

How will we decide the % of Keyword in content for SEO

Percentage (%) of keyword in content for SEO purpose is a much discussed subject today. Views from differs from expert to expert. Indian Digital Marketer and Blogger Loknath Swain had answered this issues in this video.

Swain runs a dogital marketing company PRJankari Digital Marketing Pvt Limited from Mumbai and runs a technology portal Digitalcharcha.con. He also runs a diploma programme in Digital Marketing in association with World Media Academy (WMA) in Mumbai .

Bruce Clay on Over-Optimization Penalties and the SEO Industry

Bruce Clay on Over-Optimization Penalties and the SEO Industry

Originally published on Apr. 16, 2012 – Google is in the midst of a major effort to reduce excessive SEO tactics, which they deem manipulative or unfair. Google has warned some webmasters that they have been identified for having unnatural links and penalties have been issues. Bruce Clay reflects on the ongoing impact of Google’s rules on the evolving SEO industry.

Search Engine Optimization for Librarians – Part 3: Accessibility and Information Architecture

Search Engine Optimization for Librarians – Part 3: Accessibility and Information Architecture

Search Engine Optimization for Libraries
Presented by Shari Thurow, Founder and SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

Part 3: SEO and Accessibility: How to Create Search-Engine Friendly Information Architecture & Navigation Systems

Information architecture and supporting navigation have a direct impact on search engine visibility. Learn navigation and online-curation best practices.

Information architecture: how to organize content
Curating online library collections
The scent of information
5 types of navigation systems
Synergy between navigation and search
How to ensure that search engines have access to desirable content
Diagnosing SEO accessibility issues

This webinar was held on July 14, 2016 and is approximately 60 minutes in length.

How To optimize content to prevent common SEO issues.

How To optimize content to prevent common SEO issues.

Review this webinar to learn about the fundamentals of content optimization as well as the future of SEO. Learn about semantic proofing, on page optimization, accelerated mobile pages, scheme markup and more.

Dumb SEO Questions 200.

Dumb SEO Questions 200.

We meet every Thursday to answer the SEO Questions asked on the SEO Questions community on G+. You are welcome to post your own questions and/or join our DSQ Panel to discuss your issue live on air.

You can find the SEO Questions community here:

Cuetimes below. Read more and comment on individual questions at

——- = The changing roles of SEOs = Bing posts 43% growth. = Does anyone know where Penguin is buried? = Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing. = Aggregation. = Disappearing Sitelinks = Google search console issues. = What is the website wordpress plug in for caching? = Can you dislodge a competitor`s Knowledge Graph listing? = Should I submit a new URL to the Google Search Console
Weekly SEO News Roundup = David Rosam and Chase Reiner Discuss Hot SEO Topics in 2016

See more of the questions and answers which began these conversations at:

Digital Olympus Event – Aleyda Solis – Strategical SEO Audits that Drive Growth

Digital Olympus Event  – Aleyda Solis – Strategical SEO Audits that Drive Growth

Aleyda Solis, Orainti – Strategical SEO Audits that Drive Growth: Actionable Tips to Identify the Issues & Opportunities that Matter Most

Toronto SEO Company

Toronto SEO Company

Toronto SEO Expert

Why have a mobile friendly website? There are many reasons but first and foremost the reason is because Google has explicitly stated that it will not rank websites that are not mobile-friendly as high as websites that are for the same search term.

With all the options that are available to newly built and previously built websites, there are no excuses to avoid fixing this issue any longer.

If you wish to be seen in mobile searches, which consequently make up 66% of the online searches no, we suggest that you contact us to resolve your mobile website issues ASAP.

Green Genie SEO 905-233-2488

Writing for the web great content and seo friendly.mp4

Writing for the web great content and seo friendly.mp4

Andrew Goode from Blue Dolphin and Marketing Ability provides 15 top tips to complement Richard Grooms and his presentation on Writing for the Web. Issues such as web content format, writing copy that is seo friendly, creating unique content and formatting are covered. Developing memorable web content, writing thank you pages and ensuring that you know where the customer is in the buying process are also considerd

SEO Optimization – How TO SEO Blogger Blogs For Better SERP

SEO Optimization – How TO SEO Blogger Blogs For Better SERP

7 Basic On Page SEO Tips For Blogspot Blogs
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important thing to learn for best blogging experience. Without proper blog optimization, we can’t even dream to get impressive traffic from search engines. From past few days, I am getting too much request of newbie bloggers to share some On-Page SEO Tips. That’s why today I plan to mention all those On Page SEO tips which I already shared on my blog in my earlier posts. I’m sorry if you have read those posts before, but I need to grab attention of newbie bloggers who just start learning SEO for their blog. All those tips are must to know by every blogger.

So, let’s take a look on best On-page SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs and if you have read them before then don’t ignore this post. May be you learn something new which you missed before because of any reason.
On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips For Blogspot
Below are the tips and tricks that will be beneficial for you to optimize your blog for Google and other search engines. Read them carefully and apply all of them on your blog to make your blog lovable and trust worthy for search engines.

#1 Custom Robots Header Tags
There are some settings for bloggers that they can personally do for their blogs to make their blogs for SEO friendly. Custom Robots Header Tags setting in one of them. It’ll be beneficial for you to use custom robots headers tags correctly. It’s easy to manage these settings.

#2 Custom Robots.txt
Search engine bots like Googlebot (Web Crawling Robot of Google) needs some guidelines on how they have to crawl and index our blog. We can prevent some non-important pages labels pages from indexing in Google to protect our blog from duplicate content issues.

#3 Optimize Blog Post Titles
If you just started your blog on blogger’s default template, then definitely you’ll not be aware with this fact that your post titles are not properly optimized for search engines. You need to do some editing in your blog template to make your post titles properly optimized. You will see a noticeable change in organic traffic of your blog after making this change.

#4 Image Optimization
You may definitely notice relevant images between the posts on many blogs. Images not only enhance the look of our content, but it also plays an important role to optimize our blog posts. If we make effective use of images in our blog posts, then we can attain extra traffic from search engines.

#5 Internal Linking SEO
Many bloggers fail to optimize their internal links or even they don’t link their posts to each other internally. This is really a big mistake that we must avoid. Internal linking not only increases our blog page views but also help our posts to rank well in search engines. If you are also doing the same mistake, then you must need some tips to optimize your internal links.

Benefits of Internal Linking in SEO
#6 Search Engine Submission
When we are ready with our blog optimization, then we need to submit our blog in Google’s webmaster tool. Verifying and submitting our blog in Google webmaster tool helps it to get indexed in Google super fast. It also tells about our blog issues like broken links, HTML improvements etc that we must try to resolve. We just need to verify our blog ownership and submit a sitemap. That’s it. If you have not added your blog GWT, then I recommend you to read below tutorial.

Recommended: Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools
#7 Improve Your Blog Load Time
If your blog takes lot of time, then visitors will go back and never come back again. It will increase bounce rate of your blog and you’ll lose your valuable traffic. Search engines give more value to fast loading blogs because they want to build best user experience. That’s why it’s very important to optimize blog loading time. I have shared some best tips that can help you to enhance your blog’s loading speed.

Found Friday – Winning business with insights and pre-sales audits for SEO and content agencies

Found Friday – Winning business with insights and pre-sales audits for SEO and content agencies

Pitching new business is often one of the most expensive things an agency does – expending resources to do research and legwork to prove why they’re the best choice for the client. As the list of agencies competing for business grows, organizations have started asking for more and more up front work, often unpaid, to prove capabilities.

For agencies, this means getting access to insights around potential clients, their competitors and industry needs to happen quickly and affordably. Conducting what are often referred to as pre-sales audits, is a popular way to highlight understanding of current issues on a site from an SEO standpoint, and are now frequently expanding to include content marketing data points and recommendations.

Today we’ll talk about what’s involved in pre-sales audits, how they can help you win business, some potential drawbacks, and how to get setup with them easily and effectively without spending a lot of time and money.

Xara Web Designer 7 Premium – SEO tags Adding Title, Description, Keywords and/or Phrases Lesson 25

Xara Web Designer 7 Premium – SEO tags Adding Title, Description, Keywords and/or Phrases Lesson 25


Website Design Tutorial for Xara Web Designer – This web design tutorial will teach you how to add titles and descriptions that are relevant to your web page. Also you will learn how to add keywords for your website by using the website properties panel to add relevant keywords and phrases to your document in Xara Web Designer. The concepts taught for this web design tutorial are also referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) meta tags. If you need assistance using Xara Web Designer let us know and we will do our best to create web design tutorials to help you. Be sure to view some of our other web design tutorials on our web design channel for HTML web design because that will help you add some extra functionality to Xara Web Designer. Thanks for watching our web design tutorials! Subscribe to stay tune for new Web Design Tutorials.

Feedback is really important to us please leave us a comment on how effective our web design tutorial are. In fact we read through every comment left on our web design tutorials. If you notice any issues while watching our web design tutorial please let us know so we can fix it.

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License Agreement:

SEO for Optometrists – Online Marketing For Optometrists

SEO for Optometrists – Online Marketing For Optometrists

SEO for Optometrists | Online Marketing For Optometrists Visit – Optimise your optometry practice’s presence …

Optimise your optometry practice’s presence on search engines, directories, social media and blogs so that your potential clients can easily find you.

See Success Happening through Your Own Eyes with Digital Marketing and search engine optimisation for Optometrists

The eye care industry remains to be strong over the past years with huge revenue, numbers of businesses and employment. In Australia, the total eye care industry revenue amounts to as much as billion. To date, there are more than 3,000 optometric businesses in the country, employing over 9,000 people.
Can you SEE this growth happening in your own eye care practice in terms of increasing customers?

Potential Patients Use Search Engines to Find Optometrists thats why Search Engine Optimisation, SEO for Optometrists is Vital.

When people were asked to think about the last time they searched for health and medical information, including eye doctors, 77% of patients said that they began at a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
1. Will they find you online and gain information about their eye care needs and feel comfortable to come and see you?
2. Do you have useful and engaging content online?
3. Can they find you on search engines at all?

Go Mobile-Friendly Today Conduct Search Engine Optimisation for your Optometrist business.

Here’s a fact you need to clearly see:
Fifty two percent (52%) of smartphone owners have looked online for information about health topics, such as specific diseases, treatments, or procedures.
Is your site responsive and mobile-friendly?

Your Online Reputation Matters a Lot

A survey finds that of those adults who use the Internet:
• Eighty percent (80%) have looked online for information about health topics, such as medical eye care, eye exams, prescription eyewear, and contact lenses.
• Thirty four percent (34%) have read someone else’s commentary or experience about health or medical issues on an online news group, website, or blog.
• And twenty five percent (25%) have watched an online video about health or medical issues.

Are there positive reviews about your eye care products and services online? SEO for Optometrists will help with this. We’ll Take Care of Your Digital Online Marketing while You Take Care of Your Patients’ Eyes

If your answer to any of these questions is “no,” things shouldn’t look as blurry as it seems. We can help you gain a 20/20 vision of your digital marketing success. Try our SEO for Optometrists service today. Go Here –

Our search engine optimisation service for optometrists can build and expand your brand’s visibility online!

Time to re-evaluate your online marketing.

Viper Online Marketing’s proven success will,
Increase Your Web Traffic
Increase Your Foot Traffic
Increase Your Popularity
Increase Your Revenues!!

Connect with us today at:

SEO-Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues?

SEO-Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues?

How We Work

Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues with the main site? Any recommendations for mobile seo? Biznick, Missouri

Today’s question comesfrom Biznick in Missouri.
Biznick asks, Does indexinga mobile website create
duplicate content issueswith the main site?
Any recommendationsfor mobile SEO?
Great question.
So first off, let me just saythat we’ll put a link in the
description of this videothat points to a blog post.
It was done by a bunch ofpeople who have experience with
this particular topic from theJapan team, in fact, who talked
about SEO, mobile, all thatstuff, how they interact.
But let me go ahead and sharethe best practices with you.
Googlebot has a specific useragent, I think it’s Googlebot
mobile, for mobile search.
So if you see Googlebot mobile,then serve up your mobile site.
If you see just regularGooglebot, I would serve up
just your regular site.
It can be nice to have thecontent on a separate URL, so
maybe m dot whatever your siteis dot com; that can be a
very good best practice.
The other thing that somepeople seem to worry
about is they say wellaren’t I cloaking?
Is this going to cause somesort of cloaking issue?
Will I get into a penaltyfrom that perspective?
And the answer is no forthe following reason.
Cloaking looks at thedifference between what
is returned to the mainGooglebot– that is our
Googlebot web crawlerversus to the user.
So there’s no problem returningyour main site to Googlebot and
your main site to users using aregular web browser, Internet
Explorer, FireFox, Chrome,anything like that.
Now if you see a mobile useragent come in, so something
that you can tell from the useragent is an iPhone or an
Android phone or something likethat, then it absolutely makes
sense to return your mobileversion of your site.
So in essence, all we ask youto do to avoid any cloaking is
if regular Googlebot comes, theweb crawler, treat us just like
a regular web user visitingwith Internet Explorer or
FireFox or Safari or Chrome.
If a regular user comes in orif Googlebot comes in and it’s
Googlebot mobile, then give itthe mobile version
of that site.
Other than that, those are themain things to bear in mind.
I think it is very handy tohave a separate URL, like m
dot, whatever the name of yoursite is, because then you can
always do testing, you canmake sure that things work.
It might keep it a little bitmore clear in people’s mind
about what’s going on.
But if you do those youshouldn’t have any
duplicate content issues.
And if you do, please stop bythe forum linked to from and letus know what sort of issues you
see, and then we’ll take that,see if we can debug it, and
make sure that it worksbetter for everybody.