The keyword or “other” dimension includes the concept of duplicate content, which can create significant indexation issues for a website. Duplicate content problems happen both on-site and off-site, and when excessive they can hurt a website’s rankings. In this lesson, covers the history of duplicate content and why Google considers this a negative signal. Then, learn how to identify and fix various duplicate content issues both on your site and across the web.

*How duplicate content affects search rankings and why it should be minimized
*Survey the history of duplicate content and the two types of duplicate content
*Identify and correct on-site duplicate content
*Identify and correct off-site duplicate content

TOONSCOPE: 3 Important technical fixes for SEO

TOONSCOPE: 3 Important technical fixes for SEO

In this #TOONSCOPE, I’ll tell you the top 3 technical issues most websites have. As well as sharing some great tools and websites to help you fix them up.


Google Webmasters:
Broken link checker:
Google Mobile friendly test:

Google page insights:

How to Use All in One SEO Pack Plugin

How to Use All in One SEO Pack Plugin

A video tutorial on how to use the All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress.

This plugin will enable you to add meta descriptions and titles to every page and post of your site. It will also allow you to verify Google Webmaster tools as well as Bing Webmaster tools.

Another feature of All in One SEO is that it allows you to create a sitemap as well. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do that as well.

Transcript (Partial):

Hi. Today we’re going to talk about how to set up and configure All in One SEO pack plugin for WordPress. I already have it installed, if you don’t have it installed yet, you simply go to plugins, add new, and then you search for All in One SEO pack, install the plugin, activate it, and then you’ll be able to see on the left hand side, you will see this All in One SEO option appear.

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is click on general settings, and we’ll scroll through here. Some of these things matter, some don’t. Make sure Canonical URLs is checked. Keep going down. We’re going to see Use Original Title make sure that’s disabled so that’s not going to override whatever we do. Then make sure the Use Scheme Markup is checked. Then you’re going to put in your title and description for your homepage. Make sure the title is less than 60 characters and make sure the meta-description’s less than 160. For keywords, we leave those blank these days. There’s different schools of thought on that, but there’s actually a school of thought that it could negatively impact you because people who do spammy SEO techniques are the ones that still have a bunch of keywords, so we just leave that blank.

You could keep going here. I’m going to ignore that section. Make sure that your Rewrite Titles is enabled. That means that we can rewrite the titles within each post or page. You can choose the preference of capitalized titles, most people do. Same thing with category titles. The default here is actually for your homepage title and then blog title. I have only put page title, because you’ll get into an issue where the title is too long and it will get truncated by Google and so, literally, I want to be able to control that page title, what it says, so I remove the blog title from the homepage page title and host title format.

We keep scrolling here. Now what you want to do is be able to say, you can do SEO on different post types. Really, all we care about is going to be posts and pages, because that’s all we’re really going to index in this section. Keep going. Keep scrolling down.

This section here, what master verification, just make sure that you get your verification ID number and you paste that in here from both Google and Bing, and Pinterest if that’s important to you. Make sure to connect your Google Plus profile. It’s still debatable how impactful that is, but that’s definitely a default feature in here. Also make sure you have your Google Analytics ID, you can just copy and paste that from your Google Analytics.

Keep scrolling. So here, I know index categories pretty much everything. The rest of these down here, so let’s just say tags, author, date, categories. We’re not really trying to rank those pages. We don’t want to have duplicate content issues, so we’ll just keep scrolling through here. You can auto-generate descriptions, so if you haven’t had the ability to go in and add custom edited descriptions, it’ll do that for you.

That’s it. When you hit update options, and that will update those settings.

The other part of this plugin that we want to do is go to Feature Manager and we’re going to activate Site Map. What this is going to do is create a Site Map for the site, and what we’re going to do is make priorities for that Site Map. Going down here, so we can determine what types. I don’t want all types. I really just want posts and pages, like I mentioned before. We’re going to get rid of taxonomies, so we don’t want to index those either. You can, there’s schools of thoughts, I mean, this is obviously subjective, but I have done categories, in fact I’ll do categories, but I won’t do tags, because categories and tags can overlap, so make sure that one’s checked. Make sure these three are checked, compress site map, virtual robots text, dynamic generate site map.

How To Solve 5 Common WordPress Theme Errors? SEO Friendly URL, Broken Stylesheet Problem Solve.

How To Solve 5 Common WordPress Theme Errors? SEO Friendly URL, Broken Stylesheet Problem Solve.
Let’s solve 5 common WordPress problem or errors you need to troubleshoot after installing or activating a new Theme. I am showing you step by step how to fix these problems of WordPress.

WordPress The Best Free and Opensource CMS over the world. I love WordPress for it’s user-friendly admin panel and customization system.

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Long Term Seo – Don’t Jeopardize Your Money Making Site

Long Term Seo – Don’t Jeopardize Your Money Making Site
seo and thoughts on long term success with a well ranking website, affiliate issues with linking, money, making, website, site, seo

SEO Facts and Basics – Internet Marketing Strategies to Online Success

SEO Facts and Basics – Internet Marketing Strategies to Online Success

SEO Facts and Basics

Listening to the acronym SEO (Search Engines Optimization) is not new for most Internet advertisers.

Truth be told, it is one of the unwritten conventions that must be found out and remembered by each yearning Internet advertiser.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are new to SEO, you will encounter trouble as far as accomplishing your Internet advertising business goals.

Before talking about SEO to Internet advertising tenderfoots, let us first handle web crawlers. In the event that you are acquainted with Yahoo, Google, or MSN, these are a percentage of the broadly utilized web indexes on the Internet.

On the off chance that you are searching for any data on the Internet, web crawlers will dependably be your first and likely your sole alternative. You will simply type a few words that are identified with the data you are searching for on the inquiry box, and when you tap the “hunt catch”, you will be diverted to a page that contains postings of sites containing the words that you write on the pursuit box.

Due to the ubiquity of web crawlers to Internet clients, Internet advertisers consider it as one of the essential devices in getting online purchasers. In this manner, it prepared to the conception of SEO as a key property on Internet advertising.

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Google SEO Update, Yahoo Update, Bing Fun & Google Local Blunder

Google SEO Update, Yahoo Update, Bing Fun & Google Local Blunder – This week, I try to get fancier with my video set up and integrate multiple video sources, including my monitor – let’s see how that goes. I posted the Google webmaster report for January. There were rumors Caffeine went live, but it did not. More people are seeing the Google blue Jazz interface. Malware is becoming a bigger and bigger issues. Was there a Yahoo Search update or was it the paid inclusion results being removed? Google’s local business privacy blunder caused some overall concern. Google may return the SEO and web design local pack? Bing says they are slow and recommends you spam Digg or Yahoo Buzz. Microsoft adCenter offered free clicks, well – not really. AdWords tests a CPA lead form and also click to call on mobile phones. Also, most PPCers have participated in bid wars, while most advertisers are not afraid to make changes to their accounts. Finally Googlers were working on New Years and Google animated their logo for Issac Newton. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Topic Details:

Google SEO
January 2010 Google Webmaster Report :
Google Caffeine Results Now Going Live? :

Google Search
Google’s Blue Interface (AKA Jazz) Being Seen By More Searchers :
Malware in 2010 : Hiding in Google Search Results :

Yahoo SEO
Yahoo Search January 2010 Update? :
Yahoo Paid Inclusion Still Live? :

Google Local
Google Sends Me & Others Wrong Local Business Center Reports :
Google Back Tracks a Bit on Dropping SEOs & Webmasters from Local Results :

Bing SEO
Microsoft Bing Says They Are “Fairly Slow” :
Bing Recommends Submitting to Digg & Yahoo Buzz for Indexing Boost :

Microsoft adCenter Offering Free Search Ads Over New Years? :

Google AdWords Contact Form Extensions Beta : CPC Based CPA :
Google To Offer Click-to-Call Search Ads On iPhone, Android & Palm :
65% of PPC Advertisers Have Competed in Bid Wars :
Most AdWords Advertisers Are Not Afraid to Make Changes To Campaigns :

Yep, Googlers Working on January 1st, New Years Day :
Isaac Newton 367th Birthday Brings Google’s First Animated Doodle (Logo) :

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 29

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 29

For more SEO training, visit:

0:00 Intro and announcements – Curation Mastery course next week

5:00 I need to ‘fix’ a broken domain in google’s eyes. About two years back, I had added content with wp robot and regretted it after I saw my site drop from the serp’s in Google. The site is still ranked well in Bing and Yahoo and I get about 400 uniques a day from those engines. With that in mind, I removed all the scraped content a long time back, and I’ve tried to syndicate the site and nada. To this day the site is indexed but not getting love from google.

What is the best method to possibly move the site to a new url and migrate the link juice love so I get ranked again by google but don’t loose my rankings with the other engines?

10:00 1. Could you fill me in on webpage links? I’m trying to grow my pbn portfolio every week and I want to make sure I use them efficiently.

What is exactly is a “contextual link”? and are there any other sort of links I should know about?

What effects do link placement have on the power they have to send? Top vs bottom vs middle vs sidebar vs nav menus etc.

15:00 2. Last week you mentioned a blog post about simple vs complicated silos and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I went probably 20 or more blog pages back in time looking for it?

3. What exactly is a vpn and what does it do?

4. Are there any footprint issues with registration when you’re putting pbns together?

21:00 What is your opinion of magic submitter? If you think it is good, where should I point the links? Directly to YouTube channel, playlist, video, T1 or T2 link wheel of IFTTT? And at what frequency?

25:00 Would it be okay to hit a site like yelp, google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. with magic submitter or the like?

26:00 When setting up a video test channel, with the purposes of finding out whether a video will rank on the first 3 pages of Google for a specific keyword, is it necessary to set up an IFTTT network to provide link juice?

32:00 Would you recommend using or InfiniteWP/ManageWP – wordpress management tools for maintaining Worpdress sites from 1 location. To manage your Tier-1 companion websites? Or do you think this might leave a footprint and be vulnerable to a Google penalty of some sort?

33:00 Looking for a substitute for gplus adder which is no longer available? Also a couple of thanks to Bradley and team on the overall quality of the training and specifically for logo creator plug…I’m a graphics idiot but that thing is soo simply to use and fun. Thanks to Adam recommendation of curator suite …it rocks amazing time saver for creating posts! Thanks to Marco who has given me some coaching advice that has helped me connect the dots, focus on the important and keep on moving forward. Thanks to all you guys awesome job

35:00 Best lead scraper? I can’t tell if leadfinderjack is windows based. It looks like it might be.

37:00 If I want an older blog post to now go out to my ifttt network do I change the date of the blog post and if so are there any negatives doing that in terms of SEO or Google?

40:00 I bought crowdsearch me got sick, then a computer problem do you have a suggestion on how I can use two months of this… have no pbn of my own set up yet was working on… need to recover some $ thanks.

41:00 Are there any specific Silo schemes formulas that should be followed or is up to the user to guesstimate the most effective approach? Are there specific descriptive names for the silo type…I kinda looks like it’s all over the place.

44:00 Can you clarify 4 jumps being safe for linking with tools. is it traditional Money Site to t1 = 1 jump, t1 to t2 = 2 jumps, t2 to t3 =3 jumps and tier 3 to tier 4 – 4 jumps? with gsa hitting the t3 or t4 ? which is safe assuming money site is a site and not yt video.

47:00 How many teir 1 IFTTT SEO networks you recommend that we have to help rank easy to medium keywords. Also I will make sure that the teir 1 IFTTT SEO networks are boosted with FCS Networker as teir 2 and GSA as teir 3.

51:00 Hi Bradley can you suggest a good VPS that you trust with RDP?

53:00 Where can I find information about how to successfully set up sales funnels – and how to tie them together with IFTTT tiered networks and the semantic mastery link building services?


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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 15

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 15

– SEO Help – Questions & Answer – with YouTube time stamps –
1:00 Below are Questions Regarding my personal You Tube Channel:

Are all the video I create for clients hosted on my personal YouTube channel / account with playlist corresponding to the niches or verticals mentioned above?

Are these videos then linked to the Tier 1 corresponding persona properties i.e. Pets, Medical, Legal, and Home Improvements?

When you use the term money site is my personal YouTube account my money site?

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12:00 Using 301 redirects to protect money sites, or as a buffer when you’re doing client work. and were mentioned but they wouldn’t be the best option since you can’t change the link.

Another option that Bradley says he uses more often, is to buy an expired domain, do all the SEO work on that domain, and then do a 301 redirect from there to your client’s website?

And if I understood correctly there was also a third option, where you could do a meta refresh from a Weebly site? Does that mean you would do a 301 redirect from the domain you bought to Weebly, then Weebly to your client’s site?

Could you please elaborate a bit more about creating these buffers to protect your work?

If a client already has a Youtube Channel, and asks you to rank both his existing videos and all the new ones you create, how can you create a buffer to protect your work?

20:00 What if the client is afraid of losing the investment they made with someone else who created the video? Because you would be “owning” or taking away a video they paid for?

23:00 Which web hosts have you vetted as being the best for speedy site networks while avoiding slow load times, upload size errors, and timeout errors for visitors and administration? I am talking about the hosts that you use in your winning business model.
(affiliate link request, for you to get credit for the referrals)

26:00 How do we move from C Class Hosting to A or B Class Hosting?

29:00 Are there any issues when using the site cloning feature in the WordPress Softaculous Fantastico install?

31:00 Is it better to install WordPress using their simple install or using the cPanel and Softaculous/Fantastico?

32:00 What about the cloning WP plugins? is this better than the other 2 methods I mentioned? which are the best ones please?

33:00 Do you use child themes on your sites? do you build in SEO features into your templates?

34:00 Are there popular free WP Plugins that are known to keep causing errors? I seem to get alot of plugin errors.

36:00 Do you have a winning SEO strategy for YouTube Playlists you can share? I love video syndication.

38:00 Shoutout! 😉

39:00 My client bought a site a while back that wasn’t in the same niche that he was in but it had a lot of juice. Would it be okay to 301 redirect from a site that isn’t in the same niche to a site with a different niche?

41:00 Maybe a silly question but what photo do you use for the persona? If I purchased photos on Istock or big stock they have model releases but can I use those photos without problem?

42:30 Can you go over on page keyword density for exact match domains?

46:00 You say that you put your clients’ videos on your own channel because you have built up authority – if your new client is in a brand new nice for you (therefore a new channel) you will not have the authority – right?

51:00 If the persona is on a gmail account and the gmail account is not being used much for email can Google detect that it is a fake account.

53:00 what is the real difference between unlisted and private videos?

54:00 I am watching on the page, WHERE is the event page. I’m new to this G+ confusion.

55:00 “seo hosting” is mainly for creating pbn’s? Or is there another specific reason to use “seo hosting”?

55:30 Well that Youtube silo sounds great. Thanks. I am currently working through the ifftt semantic mastery course and have just launched a couple a videos. Really enjoying the course and looking forward to the results.

56:00 What do you recommend how we utilize Syndwire with our new networks?

56:27 Tiered networks and Syndwire

59:00 You mean Syndwire can do the same job as GSA?

1:02:00 Please touch on the different levels of membership with Semantic Mastery. Thanks.

What is the link to sign up for the weekly hangouts?

1:04:00 Wrap up – subscribe to our channel for updates and notifications, easiest way to stay in the loop.

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Social Media Marketing UK | Handy SEO | 0191.651.0014

Social Media Marketing UK | Handy SEO | 0191.651.0014

What is social media marketing? If it is an area that you are not quite familiar with or have issues on implementing it effectively, let Handy SEO take care of that. Handy SEO is a social media marketing agency in Newcastle that offers businesses the opportunity to grow through social media and digital marketing.

For more about our company contact us at:

Handy SEO
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Dumb SEO Questions 174.

Dumb SEO Questions 174.

We meet every Thursday to answer the SEO Questions asked on the SEO Questions community on G+. You are welcome to post your own questions and/or join our DSQ Panel to discuss your issue live on air.

You can find the SEO Questions community here:

How To Find Broken Links And Broken Backlinks That Hurt Your SEO [OSEO-08]

How To Find Broken Links And Broken Backlinks That Hurt Your SEO [OSEO-08]

Broken links and broken backlinks hurt your website’s performance in Google. First create bad user experience and make Google value your pages less, and second do not send you any link juice and don’t help you rank better in Google. How do you find and fix both to improve things? As usual, Ahrefs tools will help! –

0:32 Let us start from a quick FAQ outlining what broken links and broken backlinks actually are and why they are bad for your site.

1:40 Need to check if you have any issues with broken links or broken backlinks? Submit your site for analysis to Ahrefs Site Explorer (

2:10 Outgoing Links – Broken Links report will show you all pages of your site that have broken links.

4:30 Inbound Links – Broken Backlinks report will help you easily find all broken backlinks pointing to your site’s pages.

Once you fix them all, your organic traffic from Google should visibly increase.

Good luck!


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SEO Fiverr Alt tags

SEO Fiverr Alt tags

You must name your file using your keyword and also complete the ‘Alt tag’ to improve your SEO score.

This is very simple, but if you don’t have time I will do it for you.

Nova Vlog: Solutions To Tricky SEO Dilemmas.

Nova Vlog: Solutions To Tricky SEO Dilemmas.

In the ever changing world of internet marketing, it is always possible that something can go wrong. Businesses change, new algorithms are introduced and other issues occur but Bashar, a Senior Marketing Consultant from Nova Solutions provides a few solutions to tricky SEO dilemmas.

1) If two companies merge or there is some other significant change to your business, it is important to merge the old web pages with the new site.

– Update basic information such as company name, address and phone numbers.
– All information should be redirected to the relevant page on the new site.
– Inform all current customers or clients of the changes through your blog or social media.

2) Some people think that .gov or .edu are better links than .com or other extensions and while that may have greater perceived authority, your link still has to be relevant to your niche and target audience.

3) Semantics is important when dealing with keywords and there are simple ways to find related words.
– Make a list the old-fashioned way.
– Enter a keyword phrase into Google or Bing to see related search terms.

Now that geographic targeting pinpoints businesses, it is important to use location specific terms in your page titles and tags. To expand your reach, each new area needs to have its own page.
– Use location keywords and relevant content for each new location.
– Create a city guide or list of upcoming area events on a separate page linked to your site.

4) High rankings can be maintained but it takes effort. You should be prepared to defend visibility and traffic by keeping your site updated. Remember that what is relevant now may not be in a week or month so changing content is an ongoing process.

Nova Solutions | +1 (416) 546-7505 |
85 Corstate Ave, Suite 200
Concord, ON, L4K 4Y2

Free SEO Tools: Our Top 11 Tools

Free SEO Tools: Our Top 11 Tools

In this video, we take a look at the best Free SEO Tools that you can use for the following areas of your research, reporting and optimisation opportunities:

Keyword Research – Discover great free tools to understand what your target audience are searching for so you can target them as effectively as possible as well as find out the estimated search demand.

Competition Research – The suggestions for free tools include Competition Research to help provide you with a greater knowledge of the digital search market that you are competing against to help plan an effective Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

Website & Graphic Creation – Create a more professional style for your site by using the free tools shown in the video and save a fortune on professional editing software and designer costs.

On-Page SEO – We take a look at a tool beyond Google Search console to help you optimise and improve your search visibility by highlighting some of the key issues from your on page content.

Reporting – Also we look at the best free tools for Analytics, Site speed and how to track your rankings without spending any additional money.

Backlinks – Find out who is linking to your website for free and begin improving your link profile to minimise the risk from backlinks and enhance existing links.

For more information on Free SEO tools, visit or find out more about our SEO Services here:

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Get your nerd on : Technical Seo – Jessica Dunbar

Get your nerd on : Technical Seo – Jessica Dunbar

Often times SEO is not a technical priority for a development team, mostly because it is difficult and takes a significant amount of invested time and effort. This session will cover how-to information and SEO advice on how to adjust for server and design issues that may be negatively impacting your search engine optimization efforts. We will discuss the 3 main factors of technical SEO: crawling,indexation, and ranking. Additional topics include redirects & server delivery, robots, site architecture, site performance, sitemap protocols, and more.

How To SEO Your Site For Free Traffic

How To SEO Your Site For Free Traffic

I have a large collection of tips on SEO Your Site For Free Traffic in this page. Covers SEO Your Site For Free Traffic related issues, news, research, and much more!

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How to Create SEO Friendly URLS for OpenCart Pages

How to Create SEO Friendly URLS for OpenCart Pages

****OpenCart Forum Link****

This video shows you how to change SEO keywords for contact us, my account, and other pages in OpenCart.

Keywords: seo url issue, seo url system pages, create seo friendly urls for opencart pages

SEO On Page Telugu Tutorials 2016 – How to Check SEO Onpage Issues briefly

SEO On Page Telugu Tutorials 2016 – How to Check SEO Onpage Issues briefly

SEO On Page Telugu Tutorials 2016 – How to Check SEO On-page Issues briefly
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[cut] Song Joongki & Seo Hyeorim dance Hot Issue with 4 minute

[cut] Song Joongki  & Seo Hyeorim dance Hot Issue with 4 minute

they perform when become a new MC at Music Bank ^^
you can see full perform at