#6 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | Auditing your website for SEO

#6 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | Auditing your website for SEO

http://www.4seotraining.com.au – Learn how to perform a basic SEO audit of your website so that you show up better within the Google search engine results | SEO Tutorials

– Broken links
– Google analytics
– Google webmaster tools
– Firefox SEO tools xx
– Are you using the right keywords to optimize your site?
– How well does your website show up in Google, yahoo and Bing?
– Website loading speed
– Number of back links
– Counting links to your site
– Investigating inbound external links
– What is your home page Google PageRank?
– Alt tags
– Website title
– Website description
– Website meta keywords
– Ease of navigation and menu issues
– Site map web page
– XML site map web page
– Are all your website pages indexed by Google?
– SEO friendly file names
– File size issues
– Do all the major search engines know about your website?
– Does your website use flash?
– Google places page
– Does your body text actually contain your keyword phrases?
– Text used within links
– Site maps
– Site design issues and navigation
– Spelling and grammatical issues
– How often is your web hosting server down?
– Have you optimized your Facebook page?
– Have you optimized your twitter page?
– Have you optimized your YouTube site?
– Have you optimized your LinkedIn page?
– Are your social media sites integrated into your website?
– Have you claimed your Google authorship?
– Mobile phones & tablets

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