Building Social Influence for SEO: Andrew Delamarter at SES Chicago 2012

Building Social Influence for SEO: Andrew Delamarter at SES Chicago 2012

Dana Todd, Vice President of Performance Innovation, Performics, asks Andrew Delamarter, Director of Search Marketing, HUGE, Inc. to share some practical tips that individuals and companies can leverage right now to prepare for the future of SEO.

Andrew responds by discussing the SEO driven interest in being able to influence, as an opinion later, a given debate surrounding an issue. Exxon for example, a client of Andrew’s is very interested in influencing the cultural climate surrounding energy production. When it comes to topics like hydro-fracking, lobbying, or issues that affect overseas production, they want, and need, to be able to influence the general opinion.

Building opinion and thought-leadership on these topics is crucial. Andrew works with the company to develop employee and representative social network profiles that help distribute content in a consistent way and contribute to getting this content into search results.

When it comes to building an influential presence, Google+ is huge. Additionally, proper use of author tags on social profiles, working to improve your Klout score and Google AgentRank will help you achieve higher influence and be especially beneficial when you are trying to influence public debate.

A first step instead of starting from scratch is to recruit members of social networks that have already built influence around the issues that matter to your business objectives. These existing influencers can be readily identified with Klout and other social metric tools.

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