Dumb SEO Questions 177.

Dumb SEO Questions 177.

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00:03:34 = The ideal length of heading tags (h1 & h2)
00:05:10 = Separate domain for each content channel
00:10:23 = AMP page to the non-AMP page
00:13:12 = Blog Pagination, rel=next and rel=prev
00:18:20 = Back office URLs are still showing
00:25:10 = Fixing duplicate content issues
00:28:32 = We have a stranger inside
00:32:12 = Too Much Variance Result for Google Index
00:36:30 = Struggling with Alexa rank
00:39:27 = AMP Accelerated mobile pages
00:43:14 = I want to kill the ghost of my already dead competitor for good
Weekly SEO News Roundup

00:45:06 = Google To Remove Right-To-Be-Forgotten Links Worldwide
00:48:30 = Visual SEO Studio 1.0 has come!
00:51:13 = Amit Singhal, is leaving the company
01:16:39 = Google Will Soon Support HTTP/2
01:20:30 = Travel for dumb people
01:23:48 = Why you should use www instead of a “naked domain”
01:26:39 = WordPress Recipe Plugins Causing Rich Snippet Manual Actions
01:30:57 = Google Investigating Polish Hacker Who Is Stealing Webmaster Rankings
01:35:09 = SMBs Boosting Digital Media Spend Because Of Competition, Not ROI

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