Dumb SEO Questions 180.

Dumb SEO Questions 180.

We meet every Thursday to answer the SEO Questions asked on the SEO Questions community on G+. You are welcome to post your own questions and/or join our DSQ Panel to discuss your issue live on air.

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00:01:34 = When My Permalinks have to change
00:03:53 = Best Way to Handle 404
00:07:54 = Where to put your GA code?
00:09:54 = Google Plus post have domain authority and page authority
00:12:49 = AMP page Error
00:14:19 = How to compete with Newspaper Sites?
00:15:56 = PageSpeed Insights with Google+ Badge
00:17:43 = Ranking in Google for Specific Language
00:24:14 = Minimizing the code to improve the load time
00:25:48 = Hiding PDF from Search Engine
00:27:17 = Local listings with false name
Weekly SEO News Roundup

00:31:07 = Google Treats Some Subdomains as Single Site
00:39:10 = AMP not yet a Ranking Signal
00:45:49 = Triggering Manual Action Won`t Fix Algorithmic Search Issues
00:50:47 = How did Google Maps get their Photos so Wrong?

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