Google App Interstitial Penalty, Google Tablet Interface & Other SEO Tips

Google App Interstitial Penalty, Google Tablet Interface & Other SEO Tips – I tried doing this video four times, so the last time I rushed through it, so I apologize. I first discuss the app install interstitial penalty that went live this week. I then cover how the next Google Penguin update should be the continuous and real time version. Google’s Michael Fink said do not build apps just for the ranking boost. Google has launched a new tablet search results interface. Google said if you want featured snippets, try using schema markup. Moz has some SEO issues but it turns out Google is trying to be smart with redirects and failed at it. Google issued a PSA around content within JavaScript. Google said crawl rates do not always reflect ranking success. Google said GoogleBot should support HTTP2 very soon. Google may be working on a Set feature to consolidate Search Console profiles. Google also may be working on extending Search Analytics data in the Search Console from 90 days to a year, I hope. Google launched the ability to set special hours for holidays and events for your local business. Google is testing a split view in the search results for English and Hindi results in the same page. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google: The App Install Interstitial Penalty Is Now Live :
Google: Penguin 4.2 Should Be Real-Time & Continuous :
Google: Don’t Build Apps Just For Ranking Boost :
New Bold Google Search Tablet Search Results Interface :
Google: Want Featured Snippets, Try Using Schema Markup :
Moz Needs SEO Help & Goes To Google Forums For It :
Google On When 301 Redirects Are Not Enough: The Moz Example :
Google PSA: Placing Content In JavaScript Array May Cause Indexing Issues… :
Google: Crawl Frequency & Ranking Higher Are Not Directly Related :
Google: HTTP2 Support For GoogleBot Coming Soon, Maybe By End Of Year :
Google Working On “Sets” To Consolidate Google Search Console Profiles :
Google: We Are Planning On Extending Historical Google Search Console Search Analytics Data :
Set Special Hours In Google My Business For Holidays & Events :
Google Testing Split View Language Interface: English & Hindi :

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