Google SEO Recap, AdWords & Bing Security & Bing on Blackberry

Google SEO Recap, AdWords & Bing Security & Bing on Blackberry – This week, I recap the monthly Google Webmaster report. I also discuss how Google’s Matt Cutts wants the web to be like Apple packaging. Googlers also caught snapping at webmasters. I did not know hyperlinked headlines can cause issues for Google News. Google recommended webmasters to stop using marquees. Do you know some of the link building bargaining chips. AdWords will soon step up security with SSL requirements and privacy and opt out requirements. Bing Shopping also is requiring their merchants to be SSL complaint. Google Product Search is now requiring unique IDs in the data files. Google AdSense is showing advertiser URLs in the tooltip. Google is testing voice search on Google site speed is now on Google Analytics. Blackberry is now prepacking Bing search and maps into their operating system. Cinco de Mayo was celebrated by Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile and Ask but not Google. Google did have a logo for the 160th anniversary of the World’s Fair. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

May 2011 Google Webmaster Report :
Google’s Panda Update Hopes To Curate An Apple-Like Web :
Googler Snaps At Webmaster Over Panda Update :
Hyperlinked Headlines May Hurt Your Google News SEO :
Google To Webmasters: It’s No Longer 1996, Stop Using Marquees :
Link Building “Bargaining Chips” :
Google Forcing AdWords Advertisers To Set Up SSL & Privacy/Opt Out Policies :
Bing Shopping Merchants Must Have Secure Shopping Carts :
Google Product Search Unique Identifier Policy Now In Effect :
Google AdSense Adds Mouse Over To Display Advertiser URL :
Google Testing Voice Search On :
Google Site Speed Added To Google Analytics :
Blackberries Now Default To Bing For Search & Maps :
Google With No Cinco de Mayo Logo: Yahoo, Bing, Ask & Dogpile Celebrate :
Google’s Jumbo 160th Anniversary of the First World’s Fair :

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