Google SEO, Social Search, Kaspersky & AdSense & Doodle Issues

Google SEO, Social Search, Kaspersky & AdSense & Doodle Issues – This week, the bulk of the discussion in this recap is Google related. I talked about more Google Caffeine discussions, is it going live? Use a 410 status code for really strong 404s. Google launched answer highlighting in snippets. Google also released social search. Kaspersky blocked Google AdSense ads, again. Google is paying publishers less and less – and we try to figure out why. Search grows at 46% worldwide, Google grew even faster. Google Maps search added personalization, but does it slow you down. Google Reader tracks even non-RSS pages. Google messed up the Kuwait doodle and had controversy over Australia’s Doodle 4 Google competition. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Topic Details:

Google SEO:
More Google Caffeine Sightings Over Weekend :
Remove Pages From Google ~Forever Using a 410 Status Code :

Google Features:
Google “Answer Highlighting” Upsets Webmasters :
Google Launches Social Search :

Google AdSense:
Kaspersky Blocking Google Ads Again :
Google Paying AdSense Publishers Less & Less :
What’s New With AdSense Publishers? :

Search Business:
Search Continues to Grow: Showing 46% Growth YoY, comScore :

Google Maps:
Google Maps Can’t Find Home After Adding Personalization :

Google Reader:
Google Reader Tracks Changes To All Web Pages: Tips on How to Block It :

Google Doodles:
Google A Month Early On Kuwait’s National Day :
Google Drops Aboriginal Flag from Doodle Winner Due To Copyright :

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