Google SEO Update, Yahoo Update, Bing Fun & Google Local Blunder

Google SEO Update, Yahoo Update, Bing Fun & Google Local Blunder – This week, I try to get fancier with my video set up and integrate multiple video sources, including my monitor – let’s see how that goes. I posted the Google webmaster report for January. There were rumors Caffeine went live, but it did not. More people are seeing the Google blue Jazz interface. Malware is becoming a bigger and bigger issues. Was there a Yahoo Search update or was it the paid inclusion results being removed? Google’s local business privacy blunder caused some overall concern. Google may return the SEO and web design local pack? Bing says they are slow and recommends you spam Digg or Yahoo Buzz. Microsoft adCenter offered free clicks, well – not really. AdWords tests a CPA lead form and also click to call on mobile phones. Also, most PPCers have participated in bid wars, while most advertisers are not afraid to make changes to their accounts. Finally Googlers were working on New Years and Google animated their logo for Issac Newton. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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Google SEO
January 2010 Google Webmaster Report :
Google Caffeine Results Now Going Live? :

Google Search
Google’s Blue Interface (AKA Jazz) Being Seen By More Searchers :
Malware in 2010 : Hiding in Google Search Results :

Yahoo SEO
Yahoo Search January 2010 Update? :
Yahoo Paid Inclusion Still Live? :

Google Local
Google Sends Me & Others Wrong Local Business Center Reports :
Google Back Tracks a Bit on Dropping SEOs & Webmasters from Local Results :

Bing SEO
Microsoft Bing Says They Are “Fairly Slow” :
Bing Recommends Submitting to Digg & Yahoo Buzz for Indexing Boost :

Microsoft adCenter Offering Free Search Ads Over New Years? :

Google AdWords Contact Form Extensions Beta : CPC Based CPA :
Google To Offer Click-to-Call Search Ads On iPhone, Android & Palm :
65% of PPC Advertisers Have Competed in Bid Wars :
Most AdWords Advertisers Are Not Afraid to Make Changes To Campaigns :

Yep, Googlers Working on January 1st, New Years Day :
Isaac Newton 367th Birthday Brings Google’s First Animated Doodle (Logo) :

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