Helping Googlebot To Help Your SEO

Helping Googlebot To Help Your SEO

It is important to know that Google and other crawlerbots have a limited amount of resources that they will use when visiting and crawling your website.

If you have fundamental technical SEO issues with your website then you may see that some of your important content is not getting crawled and indexed every time Google comes to your website.

You could improve the performance of your website in the search results if you instruct crawlers which specific pages of your website it should be crawling and blocking those that aren’t important or a duplicate content.

There are a number of ways to do this:

1. Setting rules in your robots.txt file to block access to pages, folders and files types

2. Adding NoIndex tags to the headers of pages you do not wish to be indexed

3. Setting URL parameter rules to prevent indexing of duplicate content that is generated dynamically

4. Keeping an up to date XML sitemap with all your current content and no missing content

5. Fixing broken internal links to prevent crawlers trying to access missing pages

6. Improving page load time to speed up the time crawlers need to spend to load content

7. Employing a good site structure so that page content flows between links easier

If you control crawlers then you are more likely to have your important content crawled and indexed everytime Googlebot visits your website which stands it in a good position to have its rankings improve more often.

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