Nova Vlog: Solutions To Tricky SEO Dilemmas.

Nova Vlog: Solutions To Tricky SEO Dilemmas.

In the ever changing world of internet marketing, it is always possible that something can go wrong. Businesses change, new algorithms are introduced and other issues occur but Bashar, a Senior Marketing Consultant from Nova Solutions provides a few solutions to tricky SEO dilemmas.

1) If two companies merge or there is some other significant change to your business, it is important to merge the old web pages with the new site.

– Update basic information such as company name, address and phone numbers.
– All information should be redirected to the relevant page on the new site.
– Inform all current customers or clients of the changes through your blog or social media.

2) Some people think that .gov or .edu are better links than .com or other extensions and while that may have greater perceived authority, your link still has to be relevant to your niche and target audience.

3) Semantics is important when dealing with keywords and there are simple ways to find related words.
– Make a list the old-fashioned way.
– Enter a keyword phrase into Google or Bing to see related search terms.

Now that geographic targeting pinpoints businesses, it is important to use location specific terms in your page titles and tags. To expand your reach, each new area needs to have its own page.
– Use location keywords and relevant content for each new location.
– Create a city guide or list of upcoming area events on a separate page linked to your site.

4) High rankings can be maintained but it takes effort. You should be prepared to defend visibility and traffic by keeping your site updated. Remember that what is relevant now may not be in a week or month so changing content is an ongoing process.

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