On Page SEO Guide (Technophobes.eim.academy)

On Page SEO Guide (Technophobes.eim.academy)

http://eim.academy/the-on-page-seo-guide This is promoting my new ebook, “The Outrageously Easy to Understand On-Page SEO Guide for Technophobes”. In it, you get:

1. The 10 Core Elements of On-Page SEO
Get these in your head and your website will fly

– A complete breakdown of every “element” you need to be aware of and precise instructions on how to easily edit these to benefit your business

– Instructions of precisely how to write copy that not only helps your rankings but also increases your conversion rates by focusing on the what your website visitor really wants

2. The 4 Key Ingredients to Body Content to Help You Rank
It’s not all about the words – videos, images & audio!

– How to optimise images on your pages to boost them in the eyes of Google
– How to optimise videos for target keywords and why you should embed them
– How to use audio to boost your page relevency, reduce bounce-rate, increase

3. Tools to Help You Fly
Essential and essentially free tools to help you

– The essential toolbar you need to reverse engineer what your competition is doing.
– How to see into the past and work out how and why your competition is beating you.
– The tool that will help you understand precisely what on-site issues your website has that is slowing it down and, even worse, moving it down Google’s index.
– The tool that let’s you see in an instant exactly how every browser sees your site so you can fix those issues and boost your traffic and conversions.

Get it today here: http://eim.academy/the-on-page-seo-guide

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