SEO TRAINING COURSE | Part 1 Things to Note Before Website

SEO TRAINING COURSE  |  Part 1 Things to Note Before Website

Search Engine Optimization always starts before decide to create a website
Website = Domain Name + Design + Niche + Web Hosting:
SEO experts say that SEO starts before the creation of your website, and I think it’s true, because it’s
same like we do something offline, for example establishing a new business or opening a new shop, so
whatever we do offline, we first get an idea for that and then keep everything in mind, and same goes
for online world.
It’s better to keep SEO basics in mind before creating your website, and thus, some basic points comes
into being related to your website which are following:
1. The Domain Name for Your Website
2. The Website Design or Theme
3. Website Niche/Topic or Micro Niche
4. Web Hosting for Your Website
1). You should select a domain name which is either keyword based or a branding name, by saying
keyword based I mean, including the keyword of your website’s main topic i.e. fashion, SEO or health
2). you should also select a user friendly and SEO friendly design or theme for your website because it
matters now, and your design or theme must also be responsive which can easily be adjusted on all
devices i.e. mobile and desktops.
3). You should select a proper niche/topic for your website or you can select a micro niche which is more
better for SEO, micro niche websites get more exposure from Google in short time, because those are
topic specific. But don’t go for multi-topic sites, because that would take you long time to rank.
4). And finally, select the best web hosting company to host your website, look closely at the mark up
time which should be 99.99%, because if your site goes down for long, it can affect SEO ranking, and
that’s all related to web hosting issues.
So at the end of the day, you can keep things clear and useful for you. However, if you already have
created a website then you can implement some of the above tips on that as well.
Remember, Rome was not built in one day, and SEO is also not a one day game, it’s a long process, but if
things go smooth then it brings great results and happiness

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