SEO Website Review for a Magento Shop

SEO Website Review for a Magento Shop

On Page optimizing a online shop for Search Engines is not easy. In this free review, I show some common mistakes of web shops. This website uses Magento as the shop software but most problems are not specific to Magento. Actually Magento is one of the best choices for your online shop. But you have to keep SEO in mind if you want to get many organic visitors from Google and Bing.

Please Note: this is just a quick and dirty review, a complete analysis takes much more time. But I think many important issues for on page SEO are mentioned.

This review talks specifically about the online shop of:

If you want to find out more about the Magento Shop Software:

Information about avoiding duplicate content on your webshop by using the cannonical meta-tag:
(please note that unexperienced webmasters can do a lot of damage if this method is not used properly)

Find out more about telling Google which parameters to ignore:

One Extra: Check what google thinks about your website speed:

I start the analysis by checking the first impression in the google search results and on the page. Then I talk about duplicate content and internal linking problems which are very common in online shops. Then I analyse the keyword use on different pages. I also check if the content has any real value to visitors to the website. Since trust is an important issue in conversion optimization I talk about some issues there. In this connection I mention the Website of as a great example of building trust to the owner of the shop.

Find out more about SEO Basics on my website:

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