Trending Issues in SEO On Legally Speaking

Trending Issues in SEO On Legally Speaking

*What Are The Trending Issues Facing Website Owners Trying To Rank Higher In Semantic Search?*

*Featuring One Of The Most Awesome SEO Experts In The World +David Amerland*

We couldn’t be more excited about our next guest on Legally Speaking, which is none other than one of the world’s greatest SEO experts, +David Amerland.  Please join me and +Stephan Futeral in digging into current issues trending in SEO.

*SEO Questions We Hope To Discuss With David:*

*** Do reciprocal links help improve ranking & what exactly constitutes a reciprocal link?  Specifically, is reciprocity measured site wide or on a page by page basis?

*** Can we review again any and all benefits that flow from G+ activity to website ranking?  What percentage of time should someone spend on social media versus blog content for their own site?

*** Is there likely more authority or value (in search) from interacting with those who work in your profession, or might care about what you post, or those with higher overall influence on G+?

*** Hypothetical situation (relevant to lawyers): let’s say someone consistently receives a high number of reshares and plus ones one their profile, most likely because they generously share and plus one a huge number of posts (so others are reciprocating).  Does engagement from those types of profiles or pages have a high value?  In other words, for example, does it help more to get reshared from someone who reshares selectively or someone who reshares and gives a plus one on a large number of posts daily (particularly with little commenting or discussion)? 

*** Since Google has “gone dark,” how do SEO experts determine relevant keywords to target these days?  Is there any software, site or service that still provides relevant keyword data?

*** What is the current state of affairs with guest blogging?  Will these posts help you in search?

*** Is there any danger to participating in sites that syndicate posts, such as Triberr, which will soon begin reproducing users’ entire posts on their site, and allow others to do the same, as well as very easily allowing members to share content from others in their tribes across social media platforms?

*** Any suggestions for making theoretically “boring” topics like the law interesting when blogging?

*** Are there any new or trending issues in search ranking and optimization?  Changes and predictions going forward for staying ahead of the curve.

*Our List Might Be Too Long*

We may not get through all of them but those are the burning questions on our minds, which seem to be trending throughout attorney circles and communities.  These are obviously questions relevant to everyone, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, so we hope you all will tune in! We can’t wait to feature such a tremendous expert in this field on our show.  Although we don’t want to send David running for the hills, we are going to try to use our questioning skills to get to the bottom of these burning SEO issues!

_Do You Have Any Pressing Questions Regarding Your Own Website Ranking Or Optimization?_

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