Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 29

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 29

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0:00 Intro and announcements – Curation Mastery course next week

5:00 I need to ‘fix’ a broken domain in google’s eyes. About two years back, I had added content with wp robot and regretted it after I saw my site drop from the serp’s in Google. The site is still ranked well in Bing and Yahoo and I get about 400 uniques a day from those engines. With that in mind, I removed all the scraped content a long time back, and I’ve tried to syndicate the site and nada. To this day the site is indexed but not getting love from google.

What is the best method to possibly move the site to a new url and migrate the link juice love so I get ranked again by google but don’t loose my rankings with the other engines?

10:00 1. Could you fill me in on webpage links? I’m trying to grow my pbn portfolio every week and I want to make sure I use them efficiently.

What is exactly is a “contextual link”? and are there any other sort of links I should know about?

What effects do link placement have on the power they have to send? Top vs bottom vs middle vs sidebar vs nav menus etc.

15:00 2. Last week you mentioned a blog post about simple vs complicated silos and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I went probably 20 or more blog pages back in time looking for it?

3. What exactly is a vpn and what does it do?

4. Are there any footprint issues with registration when you’re putting pbns together?

21:00 What is your opinion of magic submitter? If you think it is good, where should I point the links? Directly to YouTube channel, playlist, video, T1 or T2 link wheel of IFTTT? And at what frequency?

25:00 Would it be okay to hit a site like yelp, google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. with magic submitter or the like?

26:00 When setting up a video test channel, with the purposes of finding out whether a video will rank on the first 3 pages of Google for a specific keyword, is it necessary to set up an IFTTT network to provide link juice?

32:00 Would you recommend using https://mainwp.com. or InfiniteWP/ManageWP – wordpress management tools for maintaining Worpdress sites from 1 location. To manage your Tier-1 companion websites? Or do you think this might leave a footprint and be vulnerable to a Google penalty of some sort?

33:00 Looking for a substitute for gplus adder which is no longer available? Also a couple of thanks to Bradley and team on the overall quality of the training and specifically for logo creator plug…I’m a graphics idiot but that thing is soo simply to use and fun. Thanks to Adam recommendation of curator suite …it rocks amazing time saver for creating posts! Thanks to Marco who has given me some coaching advice that has helped me connect the dots, focus on the important and keep on moving forward. Thanks to all you guys awesome job

35:00 Best lead scraper? I can’t tell if leadfinderjack is windows based. It looks like it might be.

37:00 If I want an older blog post to now go out to my ifttt network do I change the date of the blog post and if so are there any negatives doing that in terms of SEO or Google?

40:00 I bought crowdsearch me got sick, then a computer problem do you have a suggestion on how I can use two months of this… have no pbn of my own set up yet was working on… need to recover some $ thanks.

41:00 Are there any specific Silo schemes formulas that should be followed or is up to the user to guesstimate the most effective approach? Are there specific descriptive names for the silo type…I kinda looks like it’s all over the place.

44:00 Can you clarify 4 jumps being safe for linking with tools. is it traditional Money Site to t1 = 1 jump, t1 to t2 = 2 jumps, t2 to t3 =3 jumps and tier 3 to tier 4 – 4 jumps? with gsa hitting the t3 or t4 ? which is safe assuming money site is a site and not yt video.

47:00 How many teir 1 IFTTT SEO networks you recommend that we have to help rank easy to medium keywords. Also I will make sure that the teir 1 IFTTT SEO networks are boosted with FCS Networker as teir 2 and GSA as teir 3.

51:00 Hi Bradley can you suggest a good VPS that you trust with RDP?

53:00 Where can I find information about how to successfully set up sales funnels – and how to tie them together with IFTTT tiered networks and the semantic mastery link building services?

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