Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 53

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 53

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0:00 Announcements

Twitter SEO Academy launching November 23rd 2015.

Interested in being a JV for Twitter SEO Academy (w/ bonuses)? Go here: http://twitterseo.semanticmastery.com/main-jvs

4:00 If I have a bunch of posts with a lot of good juicy content that I want indexed. What would be the best approach.

A. Use a Theme that puts all the posts on a blog page as well as displays them in full on the main page?
B. Just leave them on a blog page only?
C. Display them only on the main page in full to avoid possible duplicate content issue as in A.?

9:00 I’m curious on your thoughts of RankBrain and the future of long tail keyword phrases. Do you think beginner SEO people are going to have a much more difficult time getting into the game? I’m having good success with long tail phrases and wonder if the following approach makes sense. A more difficult ranking phrase would be my top level page and then have 3-4 pages with very similar keyword phrases and different content would all interlink and also link to the top level page.

17:00 1- Completed Site (silo-ed and plug-ins installed)
2- Full Tier Network Integrated (4 Rings- T1(1) and T2 (3) )
3- Back link Commando and indexer set
4- About 20 articles and 6 videos.
Most keywords targeted with power suggest are on page 2, some on page 1.

What is the immediate thing I need to do to push all my post to page 1- FCS, SociSynd, Crowd search me, SAPE, etc, what do you recommend?

24:00 2nd Question- I ran freegrader.com on my domain.
Main Heading and Site Keywords failed. How do I fix the main heading and key word issue?

28:00 When are you going to give us something on Twitter SEO/marketing/back links? When is the course going to be ready?

28:30 Most of the services I use to rank my clients’ websites are subscription based. So that means that I need to keep paying them every month to maintain my rankings.

However, I’ve noticed that when I start working on a new client’s site, the first 4 to 6 months rankings skyrocket but then reach a plateau.

What would the solution be to avoid that kind of situation?

36:00 Lets say you’ve got a new site. You’re planning to use IFTTT networks, syndwire and press releases. Is there a danger of getting too many backlinks too soon and to frequently?

39:00 Having a a couple small problems with my first IFTTT network. 1) Tumblr does to NOT let me enter the HTML into the description area under the title to add our links to the Google Plus About page and our Blogger account.

2) WordPress is giving me a problem with verifying my WordPress site for Gravatar. Blogger , Google+ and YouTube went just fine. Rechecked all emails and passwords three time and tried re-verifying a few times. They were all entered correctly. No luck.

40:00 I have linked to my site from my niche relevant PBN that has a trust flow of 12 citation flow of 35 (PA36-DA30) should I remove that link from my money site? If so how do I remove the link safely?

41:00 I have noticed in majestic that it shows backlinks that were deleted at some point in time, does majestic still count that backlinks trust flow or citation flow against the money site even tho the back link has been deleted but still showing in majestics backlink analysis?

45:00 I’d like to purchase a two tier package but am unsure how I should treat the anchor text. Would it create an issue for my money site if the third tier in the chain had multiple exact match anchors for my money keyword and the all the links that lead back to my money site were do follow?

What is your preferred approach for anchors with tiered link building?

47:00 I’m a member of Network crusader (a product from Gregory Ortiz). And inside this tool we have the ability to share PBNs between members and post on each other PBNs

So i would like to suggest an idea:
What about creating a PBN group on Network Crusader, only for Semantic Mastery Community and add TF conditions to join.

50:00 If I’m using subdomains to cover multiple locations in a city, should I create links to those subdomains from the root domain site?

52:00 Should they be siloed?

53:00 On new silo structure; would you change existing setups or just leave them as is? (regarding earlier question about how to setting up silos with content very close to each other near beginning of webinar)

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