Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 60

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 60

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0:00 Announcements

5:00 Going over MasterCLASS changes

14:00 What I meant was do you use the same syndication blog to link to sub domains, the blog you upload curated posts too?

2. What advice would you give about how to position yourself to potential clients when new to client work?

20:00 3. In your experience of ranking lots of videos and websites across multiple niches, are there any niches or keywords or set of keywords that are much easier to rank for but still have at least perceived value for clients? Cheers and have an awesome new year!

27:00 Could you recommend a few good services or specific seo gigs (fiverr, seoclerks, etc) for social signals to be used directly on the money site?

29:00 It seems most of the sites used for video embeds in the Video Powerhouse network are self hosted, are their T1 &T2 IFTTT networks behind those.. just curious.

29:30 When branding the network, do you use a persona for the Google Plus profile and then brand the Google Plus Page and corresponding YouTube Channel with the company logo, etc.?

Also, should the company logo be used throughout all networks in the tier 1 ring or should the persona picture and profile be used?

31:00 Should I be submitting the urls from Video Powerhouse to BacklinkIndexer? Or other suggestions? Getting some good results from just the submissions alone.

34:00 Has Google removed the option to search from a specific geo-location? If so, what are the alternatives?

36:00 My question is; I have a client in Australia, he has two companys and wants networks for both (IFTTT). Should the T2 networks (personas) be from Australia or can the be from the US?

37:00 Is rel=”next” and rel=”prev” worth implementing on websites? I imagine it might be useful to interlink related articles together using the tags and having all of the article pages link to a webpage you are trying to rank. Is this a good direction?

39:00 IFTTT GONE WILD?!? Do you have any funny / tragic stories of recipes that spiraled out of control and led to a mass of self-propagating automated duplicates? :)

Also was curious if any of the guys on your team actively use OnlyWire as a supplement your IFTTT strategies – and what you consider the up/downsides of OnlyWire to be.

41:00 Have a few questions on using my new IFTTT networks to help boost videos I have already uploaded from my channel that is not associated with any IFTTT accounts as this channel has been in use since well BEFORE I met all of you in Semantic Mastery.

1) Would a good strategy be to embed these videos I want to boost as manual posts on the tier 1 Blogger (trigger blog) in my new network and then have the Blogger post act as the trigger to the other remaining properties in the tier 2 network giving me new high authority back links?

2) If this is recommended would it be good to add a few snippets of new original content and a contextual link back to the same video I embed in the post, or is that overkill?

44:00 3) Can I also grab the existing links from all the properties mentioned above and push them through my new tier 2 network the same way or will that not be good as they are associated with the same videos I will be embedding as new posts in the same network?

45:00 What is the best way to index Serp Shaker/ATM type of sites?

48:00 My question is what number of tiers do you recommend when syndicating blog content from a MS, and in what situations would you use kw anchor text outside of brand,url,generic, etc?

52:00 I am 1/4 of the way through the IFTTT SEO videos. For my own company, would I set up all the personas in my personal branding for my own network?

53:00 Any harm in creating a Google webmaster tools account for each pbn that has an IFTTT network?

54:00 Is it better to put a twitter widget in the footer to get all the individual pages of my site crawled by google regularly or would the widget have to be in the side bar of each individual page?

54:30 Do you recommend autoblogging for $ site blogs?

55:00 Do you guys get better results by pointing GSA links to the actual page on the web 2.0 or is it better to hit the top level domain? Some of the top level web 2.0 sites don’t have any links going to any pages or page links

57:00 Late today…Tease me into salivating over IFTTTSEO2.0 and how does RYS differ than IFTTT (100,000′ flyover)?

59:00 if there is time are there ever issues with generic videos and potential clients for the lead gen clients getting confused with the generic company in the video and who the company who turns up?

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