Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 62

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 62

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0:00 Intro

8:00 I’m curious if embedded iframe content would help to rank a page. If I found a niche related video with very strong signals would anything pass to my webpage? Would embedding google docs or linking from a google doc be of any benefit for passing trust flow?

11:00 1. Would you or have you ever ranked a video that the potential client was not aware of and then contacted them to see if they would like to keep the ranking?

2. Have you ever ranked a website that you were able to monetize with only non juiced networks and good on page SEO? The same question for video too?

17:00 3. What do you do if you ever get a client whose site isn’t built with WordPress, do you hire a web designer or did you learn to use php and html and if the site is a mess do you still take them on as a client?

19:00 When 301ing an expired domain to our money site exactly how close do the expired domains links, topically need to be.

Changing the subject but could you elaborate on how to use a noindex pbn properly? I have a .ws expired domain with PA 26 DA 18 TF/CF 16-33 with like 160k backlinks and am trying to figure out how to best use it to help push my Truck finance site (on page 2) or its IFTTT properties.

23:00 1) Still a bit confused on the “favorite” recipe and how to set one up so I can favorite an older video to syndicate through an entire new IFTTT network.

28:00 2) Can the same network and associated YouTube channel for “favoriting or liking older videos” also be used for new video uploads?

30:00 3) When building tier 2 and tier 3 links to our main blog URLs, playlist URLs, PRs, etc,.etc,. in a video syndication network etc,. is there a need to (or should I) drip feed these links over 30 days or so like we would do for a blog syndication network or money website to be safe?

4) Facebook Token Issue. I’m trying to get related Facebook RSS feeds for Advanced RSS stuff. I re-logged in as it said to but nothing happened and the message is still there.

5) Can we also grab Twitter and G+ related content feeds from sites and also use them in our spliced feeds?

35:00 6) Can you quickly go over how we can make sure we get an attribution link back to the source when doing the spliced feeds to juice up and blend into our IFTTT network feeds??

36:00 7) Any ETA on IFTTT 2.0 and will existing members be getting a break on it when launched?

38:00 On January 7th I had a series of 16 videos flagged on my primary ifttt YouTube trigger account. This resulted in YouTube giving me three strikes as the day went forward and finally suspending my account.

My feeling is that I got attacked by a competitor who objected to the fact that I was dominating the first two pages of YouTube with my videos.

What I did was not too much different than Hernan’s California hangouts example he sent out yesterday with his lawyer playlist.

What is your advice on how to protect our channels and our work?

41:00 How best to backup our videos and recover quickly??

44:00 How about three YouTube channels all connected to the network and spreading my uploads amongst them I would be safeguarding the possibility for another unfair attack and Google’s unfair automatic application of penalties?

45:00 I have a 7 month old site that has only 4 pages ranking but I may be forced to give those pages a parent page which would change the URL path of all the ranking pages. I did a test and it looks like wordpress 301d the old URL path to the new URL path after giving the ranking pages a parent page, but now I am confused as to what will happen to the my rankings.
47:00 Should I resubmit my sitemap to google so they can see the new URL paths, if not how long till google finds the new paths, discards old paths, and re ranks?

48:00 I am also curious if I should continue to build links to the ranking pages using their new URL paths or do I have to wait for the site to settle before building new links?

49:00 I was thinking about doing an affiliate website with embedded tweets and embedded video playlists. Allowing comments seems like it would be good too but how do you deal with trademark issues?

51:00 Does adding your Web 2.0 RSS feeds such as Tumbler to a another RSS feed burner or aggregator index your links any faster?

51:30 When logging into various Google accounts do you log in from proxies? Or does Google even care if you’re logging into 200 accounts from one ip?

53:00 Hey Guys is Sean Donahoe’s plugin Backlink Commando still a great reindexing option?


56:00 How carried away do you get when you setup your personas to make them look real?

57:00 What do you guys use to keep track of the traffic that comes thru a 301 redirect, to a client?

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