Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 70

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 70

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0:00 Intro and announcements

5:00 I’m sure I’ve heard you mention that you sell content marketing services, basically offering curated blog/syndication, if this is right, could you give a few tips for this, I would like to build up some money by offering this service to SEO agencies so I have cash coming in then I can re-invest back into a real lead gen business with the mastermind and other tools etc.

13:30 Does anybody know what’s up with Kuratur, their site has been down for over month now? 2) My videos do not seem to be showing up in the “videos” link section of all Paper.li sites also, just wondering if there is a way to correct this or how I can check something?

17:00 a.)Do you know of any social network auto-account creators? with a lifetime license?
Some OK monthly options I found: fanpagerobot(29/mo) or digsby?

b.)Also, do you also have experience with or would you advise using Imacros or sukuli or selinium (if so, what scenarios)?

c.) What lifetime/free software would you suggest for all-in-1 social monitoring/reporting?

You said you suggest using gsa & fcs on teir 1 YT, correct? And only teir 2- 4 for web?

You said remixed vids must change a lot, if on the same channel. Hangout millionaire changes the vids a little and you called it spam in 1 episode..
How does this help for using additonal supporting vids on the same channel(mentioned in episode 61), and would you use more than 1 hangout millionaire vid in your channel when ranking clients?

30:00 In the IFTTT videos- several times, when it relates to bookmarking one site, You mention to “put blogger link in here as it is the main blog.”

When we are making a BRANDED network, should we use our main self-hosted WordPress site in the places that normally call for the blogger? For example with Diigo- adding a bookmark for blogger because “it is the main blog site” – should we instead add the main self hosted website so bookmarks go to it?

2) In Diigo, Under the “Me Elsewhere” after putting twitter, blogger, etc in – at the bottom it has one line for “other link.” You put in the Google+ profile/About url. and said this “other link”should be used for the url where all the 15 links will end up. For a Branded network, Should this be the profile or page? Will all those 15 links end up on the G+ business page?

Or in that “other link” line- should I put my branded website url instead of the G+ profile or G+ page?

37:00 1) For a BRANDED network – In Instapaper, Pinboard and other properties- what url do we enter when trying to trigger the RSS feed – when we are to trying to set up an RSS feed? blogger post or post on our website?

2) Pinboard looks great but I have about 10 questions on what to check yes or no and a few set up issues – how should I ask those? a Facebook post?

38:00 Which service/software do you recommend as the best keyword analysis tool?

This would be used to research which keywords I should target for articles on my website for my chosen niche.

45:30 If I have a TON of DFY built by Semantic Mastery networks and want you lovely folks to maintain them on the serpspace site (I’ve already subscribed to this service), is there a way i can simply upload the Gdocs (or export as XLS and upload) instead of having to fill in each platform one at a time? How would I go about doing this?

49:30 I could use a tool that quickly (and cheaply) identified keyword/city combos that resulted in a 3-pack. For example, for an exterior remodeling contractor that probably has many dozens of possible keywords in a metro area with a major city and 50-70 sizable suburbs.

51:00 I’ve been using ifttt properties and then building fcs properties as a buffer for gsa and it is working great but i’m looking into expanding my reach. You mentioned a few months back about doing gsa campaigns to amazon s3 redirects. Any update on how effective that has been? what tier is ideal for that strategy.

52:15 I have a Client that had their “TECH GURUS” make a new website for them without taking the old one down. They did a temp. 302 redirect from http://DomainName.net to http://SameDomainName.com/NEW.

I need to know how I can go about getting their website back to the root without loosing all 98 pages.

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