Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 71

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 71

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0:00 Intro

IFTTT 2.0 notification list http://iftttseo.com/v2

Serp Space free account: https://www.serpspace.com/

3:00 What’s going on with MasteryPR in the MasterMIND?

7:00 Hi guys, I know you go after 1 keyword per video, with your video title do you put the brand name in there too?

When you have multiple personas attached to 1 youtube channel, do you use the same tier 2 for all or does each tier 1 get its own content sources or can you do both, say, 1 brand and 2 personas, all 3 use the same tier 2 but also have other related content sources.

10:00 Should I wait until I get the new ifttt videos, instead of going ahead and implementing what I have done from ifttt 1?

12:00 I ended up with 2 G+ business pages for the same brand/subdomain. The first was created as I went step by step through the IFTTT videos and created the youtube channel for the brand. This one has the brand logo.

What is the best way to resolve this? Do I delete the one I created first and add brand logo/info to the one GMB automatically created? Not sure how to delete one or what should be done.

17:00 I posted a Youtube video with no IFTTT (I need your 2.0 course), it went to Page 1 #6 in 2 days. I sent my client a bill and the ranking disappeared off the face of the earth.

19:00 I was offered some cash to have a link placed on my blog. I should have been smarter but shortly after I assume the same person build about 15 PBN pages with spun articles and linked to my blog. I don’t see any negative effects at the moment but how can I protect my site before penguin or G spam team comes around. From my understanding the disavow tool does nothing. Should I be proactive and 301 the blog page back to this guy’s site and would that be effective with bad link juice.

21:00 I had 250 Tier2 web2.0s created with a service and they ended up creating roughly 4 articles on each 2.0, the thing is they added 1 of my links to each article so now each W2 has 4 outbound links going to my different IFTTT T1’s. I am concerned that my $ site could be in trouble because I’m sure it looks fishy having 4 articles on a web2 with each article having only one outbound link and they are all going to different properties of the same branded network. Is this ok, or what would your suggestion be to best make use of the W2s?

23:00 I bought the Project Supremacy plugin and have been experimenting with it. Was wondering if I copy images that have exif tagging to the Google+ page associated with YouTube page that I posted related videos to, or would this create any issues?

26:00 I have 2 extra persona rings I built and was wondering where they would be most beneficial to add them to my current full tier 2 video syndication network. Was considering tier 3 as I have none there right now. Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

28:00 Also having an issue trying to live stream. I have excellent upload speeds at 26.68 Mbps. Compressed the raw file to .wmv format and is only 10.6 meg in size. Saved the file as 480p quality in Format factory. I shut down all unnecessary programs in Start UP under msconfig. I have NOT tried disabling my Windows Firewall as I have never had to before because I don’t like the security risk by doing that. When the stream is going on Wirecast it shows me only using 6-8% of my total available RAM and 32% of my CPU. The streams end up very choppy and delayed.

31:00 What do you think of Paul Clifford’s Kudani curation tool. He has a special offer (so many special offer :)…looks like a 3 user license so a VA or two can use.

34:00 I know it’s probably not advised but is there any real harm to hooking up your PBN to search console? The reason I ask is because I recently purchased some expired domains to use as a PBN for a client and I don’t fully trust metrics tools such as ahref and majestic to see what back links are pointing to it.

38:00 To strengthen backlinks, can a press release be used to link to a citation like yelp or to one of the properties in a IFTTT network like the blogger or wordpress? If so, is it smart to link to both yelp and blogger in the same press release?

40:00 Whats the plan for twitter now that twitter banned recipes for searching keywords and hashtags + the -RT option? 

42:00 What is your favorite way to track your Youtube video metrics – rankings, keywords, etc. – that allows you to export the data to a spreadsheet for tracking over time?

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