Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 73

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 73

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0:00 Hello & Announcements from the Team at Semantic Mastery

3:05 Q –
1. In your opinion is the Rank and Rent business model still a great way to get free of the 9 to 5?
a. Any twists or variations to this business model that you care to share?
2. Is selling optimization services to local businesses, such as building your IFTTT Academy model networks, a viable business model?

11:27 Q –
In a backlink to a Yelp or Yellow pages citation, what content and what anchor text is used? I assume you don’t write “hey look at this great Yelp I found.” So what anchor text and inside of what content do you use?

For the IFTTT networks, in a branded network, is there anything wrong with adding a few more blogs such as webs.com, tripod.lycos.com, yola.com or bravenet.com to our networks?

Or could that be adding too many? Is there any danger in adding more blogs to our branded network.

16:45 Web 2.0 Networks as secondary sites

17:20 Q –
Real quick, what are the differences in IFTTT V1 and IFTTT V2? And why is it a monthly subscription suddenly??

Why is IFTTT SEO V 2.0 a monthly subscription?

20:00 How to positively trigger the Google algorithm

22:15 Q –
I’d like to be ranking YouTube videos as well as my blog. Can both be done with a single tier or am I going to need multi tier networks? ?

27:02 Q –

1) Would you use proxies if you were gonna create a lead gen site in another state or city?
2) Does Google page rank matter as far as buying high PR tumblrs for IFTTT Networks?
3) What do you value more, Moz DA and PA or just Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow?

31:25 Q –
1) How does this transfer authority, whether PA or DA and is there a way to measure? Are the items posted on the first page of the blog roll getting the most juice but as the blog paginates and it goes to page 2, do THOSE LINKS lose the juice then??

2) Using the SEMANTIC WP 2014 Child Theme
Search console shows I have structured data issues – 463 items with 201 items with error on 193 pages.
Says missing author and missing updated parameters.
Does this hurt my search standing?

3) My BLOG has MOZ spam score 8/17 and it saying that 56% of websites get punished for this as MOZ says when you click on the toolbar link.
a. Is this a 100% that my blog will be punished?
b. Could it be because of the syndication of my blog pots?

38:18 Q –
1) So let’s say you have a high PA of 20+ on a WP TUMBLR BLOGGER or other accounts
How does this transfer authority, whether PA or DA and is there a way to measure? Are the items posted on the first page of the blog roll getting the most juice but as the blog paginates and it goes to page 2, do THOSE LINKS lose the juice then??

41:30 OBL’s (Outbound Links) as a factor

43:35 Q –
Have you guys ever used Scrapebox and does it have any purpose for any level of seo any more?

45:30 Q –
Video Powerhouse (https://goo.gl/4n2HrD) – how many credits a month does the 0 get you?

46:45 Q –
Can citations such Yellow pages, hotfrog, yelp, etc be used for a National based website (not local). For example a website that sells and reviews treadmills. Can Citations in general directories be used for this? How much benefit or link power do citations provide to a national website (non- local)

48:15 Q –
Few days ago you mentioned that PBN model is dying soon. Would you please explain this topic in detail??
(The Death of the PBN – http://goo.gl/RVs4jN)

49:45 Q –
When I am creating a T1 Blogger for a money site, is it best to use brandname.blogspot.com, or can you put keywords in there such as keyword.blogspot.com?

52:28 Q –
Which is the best place to find reasonably priced writers for tier 1 good quality unspun articles?

56:02 Q –

1) Regarding crowdsearch what is the process for a user to see your properties via the interface ie what does it look like on analytics referrals?
2) How does a user get you from within crowdsearch then visit you? by manually reading the content instructions on crowdsearch users project? and then goto google and follow it etc? or are you sent from a link/frame within crowdsearch ?

58:04 Q –
Are you guys going to offer the Mastermind (or MasterClass?)/IFTTT V-2 as a bundle??

59:02 Q –
How do you know when the site you put into Majestic has high Topical Trust Flow? How do you know by looking at the Topical Trust Flow if a link from that site will help you or not??

59:24 Q –
Are there any good/easy methods of incorporating schema into our hosted sites (like plugins or themes, etc)?

59:54 Hope you had a great Hump Daaaaaay!

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