Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 90

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 90

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0:00 Announcements

3:00 I’m using a free theme so not much customization there but I’m not too bothered about this but for my blog I have it on a category page, so I can have blog/post-name, my question is, will this cause duplicate content issues, as it is displaying full text on the category page? Do I need to find a way to no index the blog category page?

9:00 So, did I miss something? Medium won’t syndicate my blog posts and says “The RSS feed is showing a 5xx server error.”

10:00 Is anyone using scrapebox? Would love to learn how to use it to scrape yellow pages. I know there is a plugin but my country is not supported.

12:00 Starting to use silos more because of the obvious benefits. I have a new client that has a small site that is already established but is fairly small (just 43 pages). It’s a telecommunications site that has a ‘Services’ page that then lists out dozens of services. They do have Subcats already created for just 4 of the services.

So the existing structure goes like this:

– Services
— Service #1
— Service #2
— Service #3
— Service #4

I’d like to create a silo structure using the Services as a top-level. My question is should I make the ‘Services’ page the top level and then create subcategories for the services? Or, should I create a separate silo structure with the services, i.e. keywords I’m targeting and then link back to the Services page already created? It gets a little messy for already established sites as to where you should start the silo structure.

20:00 I enjoyed the ORM video that Hernan created in ifttt training, can you guys recommend any other training resources for ORM or your favorite tools along with ifttt for someone like me who wants to master the reputation business? Thanks as always and glad to be here!

21:00 Will having a Youtube RED upgrade, help give my account a boost and rank a video faster?

22:00 After 41 years in biz I am looking to retire at the end of the year. My 11 year old domain www.finephotos.com has some good metrics I believe. How can I best prepare to sell something like this?

Good resource (more from buyer angle): https://empireflippers.com/dd/

25:00 Was curious about placing schema on a locations page? If have a locations page on the main domain with links to multiple sub-domain locations – how would you add structured data to the locations page on the main domain for each location?…to semantically show that the main company (root domain) has multiple locations (each sub-domain)

Microdata for multiple locations: http://jeyjoo.com/blog/schema-for-business-with-multiple-locations

28:00 Second question if time:

When building out location pages on sub-domains, I have a category on the main domain for each location. For the category page on the root domain – would you 301 redirect the category page to the sub-domain location that corresponds to —- similar to how would redirect the category page to the location page if was on the root domain?

30:00 How many rankfeedr feeds should we create per PAGE we are trying to rank, locally in medium comp niches?

Also if I purchase a Youtube Account that is 5+ years old then create a brand new channel does the brand new channel hold the same authority as the aged account, or do each channels start from zero and accrue their own aged authority over time from the date they were created?

33:00 A site of mine got a Google penalty last year that still exists. 6 months ago I added 15 new pages with good original content to the site with no positive effect in removing the thin content penalty.

38:00 What is the best way to download a video from youtube?

43:00 My question is the site in question already has 4 silo pages created with the Services Page as children. Would you recommend 301-ing the /services/silo#1 to the /silo#1 or leave it?

45:00 using your example of
domain com/remodeling/kw1
domain com/remodeling/kw2

if you have the keyword of remodeling in the root domain, then I am sure it would not be good to have remodeling again in the silo like domain com/remodeling/ so would it make sense to use services in that case?

47:00 do you suggest deleting info google has on your profile? Do you stay away from using google for searches etc to avoid any footprints on your online persona? I notice you all mention firefox often….

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